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Meal Plan Monday 12/28

Anyone up for one of these this week?



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Re: Meal Plan Monday 12/28

  • I have some carry-overs that never got made the last couple weeks.

    M - shepherd's pie
    T - split pea soup
    W - burritos
    Th - leftovers
    F - sausage kale bean soup
    Sa - spaghetti or leftovers
    Su - pizza



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  • I'll play because I actually have an idea of meals for the week this week

    Sun- we had left overs and dd had Mac and cheese so I are some of it m
    M-chicken enchiladas w/white sauce
    T-blts (w/avocado)
    Wed- left overs
    Thurs-I'm going to try making crock pot bbq ribs, cheesy potatoes and a veggie! New Years dinner
    Fri-our last Christmas. I'm bringing cupcakes and snicker salad so idk what the rest will be
    Sat- left overs
  • Eh. I have a partial plan.

    Monday: Lasagna + leafy green salad with apples, kiwi, and pecans

    Tuesday: Lasagna leftovers + leafy green salad...again with apples, kiwi, and pecans :wink:

    Wednesday: Celeriac soup + grilled cheese sandwiches

    Thursday: Chocolate chili + cranberry cornbread (my BIL is making the chili...I'm bringing the cornbread)

    Friday: Leftover celeriac soup + grilled cheese

    Though now I'm thinking I should make some black-eyed peas or something on Friday. Hmm.

  • This is the FIRST week I've ever planned our meals!
    Sun- I made tacos!
    Mon- tuna helper (for H because I'm allergic to seafood, I made myself a parfait)
    Tues- French onion chicken
    Wed-hamburger helper (beef pasta)
    Thurs-cereal night!! (Aka my husbands working late so I get to be lazy)
    Fri- ..that's the end of my planning..
  • Sun: Soup and crackers
    Mon: Turkey necks, potatos & broccoli
    Tues: Leftovers
    Wed: Spaghetti, corn (for DH), veggies & bread
    Thurs: Leftovers
    Fri-Sun: BBQ chicken & steak, potato salad or black eyed peas, rice & veggies

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  • Sun: leftover ham, cheesy potatoes and carrots
    Mon: spaghetti and salad
    Tues: Chinese carry out
    Wed: out with family
    Thurs: lobster, steak and red skin potatoes for the new year
    Fri: pizza or soup and sandwiches
    Sat: tbd--something in the crock pot
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  • Mon: spinach, left of mac and cheese, 2 lobster tails

    Tues: streamed veggies, fried rice with shrimp, peas carrots, egg added

    Wed: idea from someone! tacos (ground lean turkey, blue corn shell, spinach, tomato, organic sour cream

    Thurs: out for favorite thai restaurant

    Fri: thai lefts overs with steamed chard

    Sat: grilled artic char, brown rice, steamed broccoli

    Sun: Bean Soup: not sure what kind. Lentils or black
  • This is dinner only!
  • Monday-We went to dinner with friends
    Tuesday-We ended up having cereal
    Wednesday-Crockpot pot roast with potatoes and green beans in a parm sauce
    Thursday-Cheesey chicken and broccoli in the crockpot with ceasar salad on the side
    Friday-Dinner with the inlaws
    Saturday-Chicken sausage with mac and cheese
    Sunday-Dinner at the in laws

  • This week be a week of testing recipes for me:
    Tuesday- white bean & ham soup with kale
    Wed- oven "fried" chicken with steamed veggies & cheese sauce
    Thurs - veggie chowder
    Friday - crock pot Caesar chicken & salad

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • M - spaghetti bolegnaise
    T - sticky chicken, rice and veg
    W - shepherds pie
    T - chicken snitzel and veg
    F - steak, scalloped herb potatoes, other veg
    S - no idea
    S - no idea
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