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Anyone else getting the nesting urge?

I really want to start and finish the nursery, buy car seats, buy clothes, etc.  It's hitting me hard today for some reason.  I think we picked a nursery color so we'll paint it this weekend.  Yay!  And I ordered a cube organizer.
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Re: Nesting?

  • Details!!  What is your color theme?
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  • Awesome! I say get to it while you feel like it! ☺️
  • That's great! Do it while you feel good. Last pregnancy (twins) I never nested. I stopped working and went on bed rest 8 days later. Everything was put together while they were in the hospital. I'm trying to have my head in the game a little more this time lol!
  • Cute! Last pregnancy I couldn't nest because we were buying a new house. We didn't move until 2 weeks before I gave birth so it was killing me just having boxes of baby stuff and not being able to organize! Putting Christmas stuff away is my first task (because all the boxes are taking over what will be the nursery), then I will definitely let myself nest :)
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    I cleaned both my kids rooms yesterday to make room for baby stuff. That's about as close to nesting as I'm going to get. I'm a little bummed I won't get to pick out colors and paint this time. But we have the 3 kids in a 3 bedroom house problem. I do love what you picked and really like the idea of giving them each their own animal.

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    Once we find out the gender I'm sure it will kick in full gear. Your nursery ideas are so cute!
  • I'm totally nesting! Bought our crib and dresser yesterday! Now thinking about color schemes. I'm thinking a light grey for the walls. We're doing a nautical theme.
  • I've started cleaning and organizing every closet in the house. I'm trying to get rid of as many toys and clutter as possible. I'm also working towards my older girls (2 and 4) sharing a room. We bought a bunk bed that they've been using for a couple of months, but now I need to combine toys and clothes. Hopefully I find out the gender in a couple weeks and I can jump right into painting and decorating! Can't wait! My first two were born when we lived in a rental, so this is the first time we've brought a new baby home to our "real home". So excited!
  • Me too! I'm sharing my home office with baby so I'm going to do a Dutch crib (i.e. a crib in the closet) and don't plan to paint but am going to decorate!

    I'm on a run of moving furniture and de cluttering. I think it's the best I'm going to get since I don't have an official nursery to fuss over :)
  • I organized DS's entire bedroom in Sunday, shelves and inside drawers and everything. I also tossed a bunch of stuff into baby's room, but that just created more clutter to clean out when we get to work on it. I never went through besting with DS :/
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  • I've waited to nest because we don't know the gender yet (we find out this Saturday!! Eek!!) plus up until the last two weeks I felt like I was dying from severe morning sickness. And we just found out we will be moving at the end of January (very long story!!). So after we settle in at the new apartment I will probably nest like crazy. I can't wait!!
  • I have all the antsy energy and drive for nesting but I'm staying in my parents spare bedroom while I wait for our house to be finished with renovations. It's killing me, there's so much to do at the new house I just want to get in there and start setting up, scrubbing everything and organizing!! Since the floors are being laid, I can't even get in and do anything
  • I have so much that I need to get done just from moving DD to a "big girl" room and moving the guest room to the basement so we can still have a playroom upstairs. Just a lot of organizing and rearranging to do. Then I can get the nursery set up like a nursery again, instead of s room holding tons of junk.

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  • My nesting has been in the form of moving my DD to her big girl room. Tonight is going to be her first night in the new room (on a new floor), so fingers crossed this goes well!

  • I want to set up a nursery so bad but we're going to start with the home buying process in February and probably won't move until shortly before baby comes :(
  • I scrubbed the floors, did a load of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and wiped down the kitchen tonight. Got a hankering to clean out the nursery room and start on that, but it's 915pm. Safe to say the "clean the sh*t out of this house and get organized" has begun to kick in.
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