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Scoliosis / back pain during pregnancy

A few weeks ago, I started getting intense grabbing pains in my lower back. I have a subtle case of scoliosis too, but I'm not sure if it's connected. Sadly my doctor can't do much, because of the pregnancy. Ooh, what I'd give for an anti inflammatory!!

I'd anyone else having back pains? I'd love to know how other moms-to-be are dealing with it!

Re: Scoliosis / back pain during pregnancy

  • I've had tailbone and hip pain for weeks now. I tried a chiropractor with no relief. I take a warm bath with Epsom salt every night which does help some.
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  • I get this shooting pain in lower back into my hip that almost feels like I need my back popped.  It's especially bad if I sit on the floor for too long.
  • I have scoliosis / spinal fusion. There really isn't much you can do, outside of a warm bath and a heating pad. Take it easy!

  • I have terrible sciatica and it is so much worse the last few weeks. It is shooting pain down my legs and today I have had pins and needles too. It feels like it will be a long pregnancy of this continues.

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  • I have pretty severe scoliosis, and it's been pretty much constant increased pain during all 3 of my pregnancies. The first time was the worst. I'm kind of used to constant back pain, so I just had to adjust to a higher level of it. I did find that some yoga and simple stretches help keep it under control. I'm out of town now, but when I get back I can try to find some examples for you of specific ones I use.
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  • @scotten, I have scoliosis / spinal fusion as well. Is this your first? Haven't had too much back pain yet, thankfully, but heat is the way to go!
  • @binkysul This is my second pregnancy. Where is your fusion located? I'm having more back pain than usual with this pregnancy, but I'm convinced the baby is carrying lower than my DD - and therefore putting more pressure on my fusion area.

    If you need any advice about epidurals and spinal fusion, though, I'm your girl! ;)

  • This is my first and I never would've thought back pain would've started this early!!
  • I also have sciatica. It's terrible. Although mine is just in my butt and not my legs yet. A heating pad has helped, sounds good for back pain too.
  • A heating pad does help me.  I know some people are wary of them during pregnancy but my OB fully approved it so that's the main thing I use... baths help too. I've had back pain throughout this pregnancy (had a back injury in the summer so I think that is a contributing factor).  I posted about it weeks ago, very worried, but now I just take it as a sign of growth and try to relax.
  • Chiropractor? I had horrible pelvic bone and lower back pain during my second pregnancy and chiro was the only thing that helped.
  • I'm dealing with severe joint and muscle pain due to a newly discovered autoimmune disorder. I've been using a topical antiinflammatory which has been some relief on some of the more minor places, but I have been prescribed norco (by my ob) for the worst of it. I don't like taking it but there are times that the pain is so excrutiating in any position that it affects my blood pressure and causes more stress on the baby than the harm the norco could cause.
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