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formula supplementing

Hi all at the moment I am not producing enough breast milk and I need to supplement with formula but my baby is refusing to take it. Any advice

Re: formula supplementing

  • We've supplemented from the beginning despite everyone telling me I made enough for my DD I didn't and she wasn't gaining. I would just keep at it, if your baby is hungry it will eat( you can try a syringe if that helps or you can put a tube on your nipple and place it in the formula bottle).
    Keep at it.
  • Try mixing the formula with some breast milk.
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  • Is it the formula he won't take, or a bottle? You can try supplementing on the breast If it's the latter. Full disclosure: we supplemented on the breast for a while but both my LO and I found it frustrating rather than helpful but I hear it works for some folks. Good luck!
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