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*** 3rd Tri Checkin 12/28/2015 ***

This is a weekly check in for the lucky ones who have made it to the 3rd trimester!!! If you are in week 28 or past, feel free to join in on the weekly fun.

If you're just joining us, please post a mini synopsis in your first post with your EDD, how many beans, if you know the sex(es) and how you have been feeling in 3rd tri along with any appointment updates.

QOTW: What are you planning to pack in your hospital bag?  And when did/will you pack it?

3rd Tri ladies and littles

@somewhereinafrica EDD 1/8/2016 Team Blue
@andimegie325 EDD 1/10/2016 Team Blue
@marnief EDD 1/12/2016 Team Pink
@emcarl24 EDD 1/21/2016 Team Blue

@potatocastillo EDD 2/1 Team Pink
@knottie4978096 EDD 2/2/16 Team Blue
@shelley333 EDD 2/3/16 Team Green
@hopes4baby eviction notice 2/8/16 Team Double Pink
@jeannaqueena EDD 2/21/16 Team Pink

@mrsloriw EDD 3/11/16 Team Pink
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Re: *** 3rd Tri Checkin 12/28/2015 ***

  • Hi ladies! Can't believe how close things are getting! My next appt is Thursday. Not much new hear, just the usual. Sleep is rough and so is breathing, but all in all, not so bad. We had a nice holiday here (happy Christmas if you celebrate) and I am thrilled to only be working 2 days this week and then off for a long weekend over New Years.

    I actually just started thinking about the hospital bag. Trying to get it together this week, but so much of what I want to bring I don't have. Or I only have one of and don't want to pack too early. Like good comfy things. I'm getting too big and my options are already so limited... Oh well. I'll get it packed by Jan 1. That has sorta been my self imposed deadline anyway. I'm a little last minute, but I'll be 37 +2 at that point so I'd better just get ready
  • Anyone else starting to grow out of their stretch pants? 35 weeks on Wednesday and I still have rib pain and a cough. Sleeping and breathing is getting hard too. Next Dr. appt is next week. I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, but have bought most of the items for it. Got some new pj's for going home for Christmas. Haven't had the energy to try them on though. Just finished painting the baby's room. Things are taking me forever to do!
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  • My next appointment is in weds to discuss birth plans with my ob. I had my first biweekly non-stress test today with an ultrasound. Baby A is now head down so I may actual get to try a vaginal delivery which is exciting. Hopefully she stays that way and doesn't flip back.

    I just started to pack my bag. I ordered some stuff for it. I also plan to take a power strip and need to buy that to deal with multiple devices in the hospital.
  • had my 38 week appointment today, baby boy is still head down and I'm still about 1 cm dilated. Strep B came back positive, which means a round of antibiotics for me during labor which I'm not thrilled about, and I'm allergic to penicillin so I'm interested to see what happens. I had a headache and nausea most of today, but since I don't have any swelling and my blood pressure was 110/66 doc said it was nothing to be concerned about and just a headache. I will just blame it on the weather we're going to get here in the Northeast.

    I'm working from home full-time now until the baby comes, and it was really nice not to have to pretend to be human and socially acceptable haha! I did get myself into a little bit of a pickle today when I decided to take a shower at lunchtime... I sat down in the tub, instead of bending over, to make it easier to shave and I ended up not able to get my legs back underneath me after, so I was stuck in the tub until DH could help pick me up. Thank goodness he is home with me until New Year's! Lesson learned!

    QOTW: instead of a normal diaper bag we got an L.L. Bean backpack, And that is now doubling as our hospital bag. It has been packed for a couple weeks now aside from our clothes. Have all the daily hygiene things between the two of us along with antacid, lanacane spray, instant ice packs and Depends, because the mesh undies just don't do it for me. We checked with the hospital and there was no paperwork to fill out ahead of time, but I did print off a birth plan checklist to reference. If nothing else it will reinforce decisions I already made instead of me trying to shoot from the hip while distracted.

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  • Hey ladies! In my 29th week here...currently doing my 3-day "eat like crap" diet per doctors orders before I take my 3-hr glucose test on Wednesday. I don't have a good feeling about the test so I'm a bit anxious. Other than that, not much else is new. I'm feeling a bit behind with everything- don't have a car seat or stroller picked out yet, don't have a day care, don't have a pediatrician, etc... We also need to move about a week or two before my due date, so there isn't even a nursery! We have the furniture but it's all in boxes until we find a new place and actually have space to assemble everything. Praying I don't go into labor early! At least I will have a bassinet ready until we can get a nursery together. :) ordering that this week.

    QOTW: no hospital bag ideas just yet but I have saved some pins on Pinterest on what I should pack for when that time comes. :)
  • This is my last week! I am in next Tuesday to get this little guy out!!!

    My bag has been packed for weeks although I keep progressively adding to it. I finally finished it almost two weeks ago at 36 and a bit weeks.

    I have quite a bit of stuff as I know I'm having a c section and therefore will be staying at least 2/3 nights. I have music, oils, hot water bottle for me. I have lots of clothing options as I couldn't get my head around what will fit and what will be comfy. Baby bag has all the usual stuff and a few outfits. My cousin brought me a bag full of disposable underwear, giant pads and nipped covers all the things I chad totally not thought about.

    I feel like it could be any day now! And can't wait, everyone thinks I won't make my scheduled c section date.... Family all placed bets over Christmas about when he will come but I know he will be here in at least week!!
  • Ladies, I'm so excited for you all to meet your littles!!!! I keep coming back every few days to check and see if anyone has made a birth announcement.
  • I do too!
    @suchaglencoco I have been having phone issues and every time I tried to congratulate you on your twins it would not let me post! Congrats, so happy for you! I hope you guys are doing well!

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  • Howdy, all!

    @emcarl24 - yay for a long weekend :)
    @Knottie4978096 - I hear ya on the cough + rib pain.  DD1 loves to jump on me (or punch me, etc.) right where it's most tender.  Super fun ;)
    @hopes4baby - yay for head down!
    @andimegie325 - yikes, so glad your DH was there to help you get out of the tub!
    @mrsloriw - good luck with the 3-hour test tomorrow!
    @somewhereinafrica - wowsers! can you believe you're almost there?  So exciting!
    @suchaglencoco & @Kelley421 - so nice of you to be looking in on us!  How are you guys doing?

    AFM - 38 weeks today!  Had an u/s because last week I was measuring a bit small.  Everything looks good - fluid (AFI) is at 13 so that's totally normal.  Baby is measuing 37+2, which my doc says is close enough.  6lbs 13oz +/- a pound, they say.  I have not progressed since last week - 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  So, still unlikely that anything will happen soon, though she reminded me that water breaking is unpredictable.

    QOTW: I started packing my hospital bag, but I will have to take things out and repack I think, because I thought of additional stuff.  I have: cute new pajamas, a going home outfit for me, 2 going-home outfits for baby (one size NB and one size 0-3), slipper socks, a towel, toiletries, lip balm, iPhone/iPad charger.  Still to add: flip-flops for the shower), and I forget it there was something else.  D'oh.
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • Of course, @marnief, we've all taken this journey together!
    We're doing great. Baby girl came home at 2 weeks old and her brother followed 3 days later and it's been way better than I even dreamed. Our prayers came true times 2!
  • @emcarl24 I had the same dilemma with not wanting to pack my favorite clothes. After delivery you will be a little smaller so if there is some clothes you have just recently deemed too tight they may be just right for after delivery. I pack everything but the clothes and it's pretty easy to grab those at the end and toss in the bag!! Exciting you are thinking about the bag!!!

    @Knottie4978096 YES!! I am usually a medium but by the end of my pregnancies I always need a large or the bands are too tight. I always tell newly pregnant women to try on bigger sizes and if they fit early on buy bigger if they can! I swear I have 4 wardrobes of maternity clothes: mediums and larges in summer and winter stuff. Thankfully this time I was due within days of my first and didnt have to buy too much this time around except the pants as

    @hopes4baby FX baby A stays head down!! It would be nice after IF to get at least some of the labor we would prefer!

    @somewhereinafrica good luck Tuesday!!! After my c/s i wore the hospital robes while there and then biggest comfy Jammies home. I was so swollen from all the IVs they pump in you!

    Headed to OB in the morning. 32 weeks! If you talked to me 2 days ago I was a huge PG B and super stressed. Since returning home from our crazy holiday traveling I was able to take down the Christmas decorations, clean the house and with DHs help we swapped to our new fridge. He even started on the nursery today!! Can lights are in and we need to do some ceiling repairs from when we originally scrapped the popcorn ceiling so he mudded it!! Hopefully only 2 muds and sanding sessions before caulk, primer and PAINT!!!! After paint I can decorate! I have a huge pile of my purchases in the closet! I am sooooo ready. I keep reminding DH we have 6 weeks. My second son came FAST at 38 weeks to the day! I want to do some sewing projects and I was able to put my major nesting down on a list and it doesn't seem so unreasonable if I don't try to do it all in one day!

    QOTW: I plan to start packing the bag around 35 weeks and have a list for DH for the last minute items that can't be packed (phone chargers and some of my clothes).
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  • Oh geez, the bag. Good news, I have one. Bad news, I have no idea what to put in it. The hospital sent a list that was very minimal, and others have said that I need more items. Oh well. I guess I'll figure it out.

    @marnief the dr told me they can be off on how big the baby is by a full pound either way, so they stopped speculating. As long as the baby's on the growth chart, it's all good. 

    my car seat just arrived today. It looks good. Now the test to see if it fits in the car. Lol. My sister bought me dairy fairy all-in-one nursing/pumping bras for Xmas and I finally tried them on (no energy plus extreme rib pain leads me to avoid bra trying on). It was comical. I can't figure out this thing. Too many bunchy layers, adjustments, still can't figure out how to nurse with the thing. DH helped me but couldn't get the layers to lie flat and it looked ridiculous under a t-shirt. I live in a warm climate and can't live in sweatshirts all summer. I think the expensive contraption is going back - too complicated. I'd rather just change my clothes at this point - at least I know how to do that!

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