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(Almost) Christmas Babies

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Well, we didn't make it to 2016, let alone February. I'm not sure how to link to this post on the chatter free thread, so if someone wants to do it for me, I'd appreciate it. Here's the story:

Many of you know I've been on bed rest since November 12th (two weeks in hospital and then home). I was having weekly checks and my cervix was holding steady at about a centimeter. All other health (both mine and babies) was great. My last check was Thursday December 17th and it was the same old story.

Tuesday December 22nd, my husband woke me up when he got up to pee at 11:50pm. I figured I'd pee as long as I was awake, so I got up and WHOOSH. Water breaks in classic movie manner. I call my mom to come get me and talk my husband through repacking the hospital bag.

We get to the hospital a little past midnight and find that I'm 4 centimeters dilated and contacting about 2 minutes apart. There was brief talk of trying to stop the labor, but an hour later I was dilated 6 centimeters and it was obvious the girls wanted out. A quick ultrasound confirmed that Twin A was still breech, so a c-section was immediately prepped.

At 3:05am, Gwendolyn Marie was born at 3lb 1oz and 16 inches long. Sister Penelope Rose was born at 3:06am at 3lb 9oz and 16 inches long. They were 32 weeks and 3 days.

Now they are both in the NICU. Gwendolyn is doing very well. She's breathing without any assistance and working her way up to full feeds. She is even practicing nursing and has gotten a few swallows. Penelope is having a rougher time. She started on CPAP but had since been put on a vent. She had air leaking from her lungs, but that has since stopped. Hopefully her lungs will heal and develop spoon so she can catch up with her sister.
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Re: (Almost) Christmas Babies

  • Congratulations on your girls, hope you get to take them both home soon :)
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your girls! I hope that both of them have a short stay in the NICU and that they get to join you at home soon! (And a quick, easy recovery for you too)
  • Congrats on the girls! I'm glad you and Gwendolyn are doing well. Penelope will be there soon too I'm sure! 

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  • Congratulations! Praying for a quick hospital stay and two healthy baby girls!!
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  • Congratulations! I hope the girls have a short stay in hospital and you get to take the home soon. Hope you are doing ok too.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your girls and I hope Penelope catches up to her sister quickly.
  • Congratulations!! I hope they both get to come home soon and that all of y'all are as healthy as can be =) 
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  • Congratulations on your girls! Hopefully they'll get to go home soon!
  • Wishing for a quick recovery for baby Penelope... Congrats on your girlies :)
  • Your girls names are BEAUTIFUL just like they are! I hope they both are super healthy soon and you can all go home.
  • Congratulations on your baby girls! I hope they have a short NICU stay and you are all home together soon!

  • Congrats! Hope it's a short stay!
  • Congrats and best wishes for you and your beautiful girls, big hugs!
  • Congrats! I hope it's a short nicu stay for the girls and you can bring them home soon!
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  • Congrats, the girls are beautiful!! And I love their names! Hoping it's a short stay and that you will all be home soon!
  • Congrats! Sending thoughts to you and the babes for strong bodies and quick recovery!



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  • Congrats!!! Welcome to the twin mom club! :)
  • Congratulations, hope you have a short NICU stay x
  • Congratulations! Beautiful names. Wishing you and twin #2 an easy recovery. Good to hear twin #1 is doing so well!
  • Best wishes to all three of you. Beautiful names!
  • Congratulations! Praying for a short hospital stay for you and your lovely baby girls.
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  • Congrats on your beautiful bundles of joy! Sending prayers your way for continued improvements in their health!
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  • Congratulations on your daughters!

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  • Congratulations to all of you! Lovely names!
  • Congratulations! Hope all is well with you and your little darlings!
  • Congrats and I hope the girls get stronger every day :)  Love the names.
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  • Congratulations! You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Here's to a speedy recovery for Penelope and everyone being out of the hospital soon!
  • Congrats!!
  • Congratulations! So happy for you. Hoping for a short stay at the hospital :)

  • Congratulations!  Hoping for a quick recovery for Penelope!
  • Congratulations! Hoping for a only a short stay in the hospital and healthy progress for Peneolpe!
  • Congrats on the baby girls, and good luck! Good vibes and prayers that Penelope gets stronger and stronger everyday! You and your little family are in my thoughts!
  • Congratulations! Here's hoping the girls will be healthy enough to go home soon!
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