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SCH mama check in

I was diagnosed on Monday with a subchorionic hematoma in the ER - I was given very little info but thankfully stopped bleeding the same day. I've since been on bed rest in anticipation for my ob apt tomorrow (Mon). Today I started bleeding bright red blood and passed a small dark brown clot. The on call doctor said it was up to me if I wanted to go in or not ... I was an emotional mess. Decided to stick it out at home as the bleeding stopped so now I'm just trying to remain calm in bed and not read too much or think about the cramps im having. I'm 11.5wks. I was on bed rest my last pregnancy due to preterm labor at 24wks ... Went full term and I now have an amazing 2yo. Bed rest with a toddler though is no joke - the guilt is high. Really truly praying I heal quickly and this is a scary memory from th past soon.

Would love to hear how other SCH mamas are doing and feeling. Xo
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Re: SCH mama check in

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    I was diagnosed at 12 weeks 3 days. I too did not get much info from the emerg doc, I spoke with my OB a few days after she she said no physical activity of Sex until I see her again, other then that she seemed very hopeful my body would absorb the bleed. I only bled for 1 day and I haven't since and that was almost 2 weeks ago now. Just keep thinking positive!
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    Diagnosed at 10 weeks. Was in the ER for my back and they discovered it.
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    Mine was discovered at 8 weeks after some off and on spotting. I was told to be on pelvic rest until further notice. I had an ultrasound the other day at 12w 3d, and it has resolved. :)
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    I have one too, diagnosed at 7 weeks from an U/S. I too have to wait until 12 weeks to see progress (almost 10 weeks now). Calling today because I'd rather have one sooner than later to see the status. Doctor gave me little details but restricted like people mentioned above. It's annoying and scary, I too want to know if it has re-absorbed or shrunk. Will let you know if they just brush me off.
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    My doctor literally called it "nothing special" and I had very little restrictions (and I bled red blood for 3 weeks or so). At the 12 week ultrasound the SCH had shrunk and I haven't bled for about two weeks
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    Thanks @BettyRu - that actually really helps!! Maybe that's why they just don't care. Called today and the receptionist was like the doctor might get back to you by the end of today. How many weeks were you when you first had it?
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