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This isn't really a question as it is just me needing to express my thoughts. I have had 2 mc this past year, both before 8 weeks. Now I'm on progesterone and baby aspirin. I'm 4w5d. My first appt is 9w. I had a trip planned for me and my dad to LA just for 2 days and I will be 7w1d when we fly out. I've researched the heck out of this obviously and talked to my doctors office. They say there is no risk first tri, they just don't want you flying at 35plus weeks. They recommend getting up and walking to the bathroom every hour (which I'll prob need anyway) but no real concerns. I'm going on with the "mini" trip. I feel like whatever is going to happen with this pregnancy is going to happen. And this will give me something to focus on besides the agony of waiting another 4weeks for my first appt. I may ask for a pat down through security just because I've read that you can for piece of mind but my doctors office said that wasn't necessary either. That there isn't enough radiation in those machines to harm baby. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and that Santa left all of us with sticky baby dust

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  • You're right. Whatever is going to happen with this pregnancy will happen whether you fly or not. It took me a long time and 3 losses to get to that point. I was doing everything I possibly could the "right" way and I was still having losses. And I think that's why it's so frustrating. It's totally out of our hands. I hope you have a great time on your trip!! Try not to worry too much. Yeah right. Lol
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  • @AprilV421 please don't use baby dust. There are lots of loss moms on TB who had to cremate their babies - baby dust is not something we should wish on anyone.
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