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Pain out of this world

Soo I just had my gallbladder removed on Chiristmas eve. I'm 7 weeks post partum and had a gallbladder attack. After my ultrasound, the doctor found gallstones and infection. I was at increase risk for rupture so they removed it. Now I have gas out of this world. I've walked as much as I can every thirty minutes, I'm getting plenty of water, and I've taken gas x to no avail. Please help!!! I'm in so much pain. This is worse then my  c section, I didn't have problems like this with that surgery. My doctors assure me that it's just gas and to walk around, but my husband is thinking bout taking me back to the hospital. I can't spend Christmas there! 

Re: Pain out of this world

  • It is because you had surgery it is very normal. It took over 48 hrs to work all the gas out when I had my gallbladder out. I didn't take anything just let it work itself out. Obviously if you are concerned call your doctor, but based on what you said here it sounds normal.
  • If the pain is intense enough, go back in. When my dad had his galbladder removed, an air pocket managed to get stuck inside him. He said that pocket was more excruciating than the gallstones. It took another procedure to remove the air.
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  • Make sure you're not drinking out of a straw, that can make it worse.
    Try a hot shower and drink something carbonated to help get the bubbles out. Hot tea can help too.
    And if you can without pain try pulling your legs in and out while you're laying down.
  • I had the same thing bad but after my c section it was up in my shoulders and everything it hurt so bad the only relief I got was laying on my left side with my top leg kinda bent and over the other to where it was kinda in front of my bottom leg and drinking a hot liquid I had to lay like that for a long while to get the air out
  • I just had gallbladder surgery 1 week ago and the same happened to me. I couldn't even breathe that's how much pain I was in. I couldn't get out of bed without my husband basically picking me up and I couldn't walk standing up straight. It was excruciating pain. I'm 1 week out now and feel 1000X better. I still have pain but only in my right upper abdomen and belly button and not nearly close to what it was. I hope all gets better with you. I think it will subside but to be safe call your doctor or the on call doctor and ask. Good luck with your recovery. I hope it's a speed one!
  • Thanks ladies! I'm feeling better. Still have a lot of surgical pain and shoulder pain, but it's not as bad. My heating pad worked wonders as well as hot tea! 
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