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Supply drying up.. Going to start some formula...

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Unfortunately my supply is drying up and I've tried numerous things to increase it and nothing seems to be working. I'm not sure if it is due to my almost two week long period but never the less my DD doesnt seem to be getting full.... What formulas do you mommas recommend? She does have some silent reflux but other than that we have no problems. Should I talk to the pediatrician to see what he recommends. I'm actually pretty upset that this is happening to my supply. I aimed to make it to a year but things happen I suppose. I'm not even making enough to pump and build a supply up (we've already went through our freezer milk), my breasts don't seem to refill so I hardly pump anything from the opposite breast I nurse her from after each feeding... I just don't know what to do..

Re: Supply drying up.. Going to start some formula...

  • I'd call your pediatrician with what they recommend for babies with reflux. Also, ask if they have any sample cans, my pediatrician gives me a couple sample cans each time I'm in.
    Be proud you were able to bf this long, fwiw, I'm proud of you. I have high blood pressure and the only medicine that works for me us not baby safe, we have ff the entire time.
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  • Okay! Thanks. Hopefully the do have samples and we find something that works for her. I would like to hopefully continue some BF but I know the most important thing is making sure she's fed properly.
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  • I could never BF really well so I would pump but my supply is drying up too. I'll only get 1-2oz in the morning from both breasts and then 0.5-1oz from both every time after. It's not worth the time and hassle for pretty much one bottle of breast milk a day for DD. I use Gerber Gentle for supplementing (green package) and it's been working great. It has a probiotic in it that's similar to the one in breast milk. It also has small proteins, DHA and iron. But yes, talk to your pediatrician like PP said first. What works for one baby doesn't work for every baby so you might have to try a few kinds because of the reflux. I was always so excited and gung-ho about BFing and scoffed at formula but here I am and it was a life saver. I wanted to make it a year too, but it just didn't work out. I was sad too, but I'm past it now. As long as DD is happy, I'm happy :smile:
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