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Cranky every other day

My little one sleeps much of the day one day and then will fuss most of he next day. And only catnap.

His sleep pattern is more or less the same at night in terms of how long he sleeps. Putting him to bed on fussy days is easy but hard on the sleepy days.

I've tried waking him and keeping him on a 3 hour cycle and that doesn't change his night sleeping at all.

Is anyone else's baby on an every other day pattern? I'm trying to figure out how to get things more consistent and have more of a routine but I don't want to a schedule or use baby wise type programs. Ideas?

He's 8 weeks and formula fed.

Re: Cranky every other day

  • YESSSS. My baby is the same way! Yesterday she didn't nap at all until about 5pm and today she's napped the day away! I've tried to do a schedule but at this stage (she's 10 weeks) I just think it's too early. I'm sure they'll be more willing to get on a schedule in the coming months but I feel your pain! Grumpy days are the worst it's like she has to have constant attention. Good luck!
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  • We are right there with you! Our son is 8 weeks old and we alternate our fussy days, as well. He also sleeps pretty much the same each night. I am also wondering when he will be ready for more of a schedule!
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