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Hi ya'll.
Has anyone experienced bacteria in their urine? I'm being put on an antibiotic for it and I have NO symptoms of UTI. I think I didn't do the test correctly. So now of course I'm worried about what the meds will do to the baby.

I've also experienced spotting 3x since 4wks (currently almost 10 weeks) with no chorionic hematoma spotted on the ultrasound. They have no idea why it keeps happening and neither do I (no sex, constipation, etc., which I know can sometimes cause it).

I keep asking my girlfriends about these issues and they can't relate because it never happened to them. I'm just really frustrated - so why me?!

I know that things could be much worse, but I just want a smooth pregnancy like my friends. I think we all deserve it!

Re: UTI??

  • I'll add that I may ask to redo the test; if I do this it will take another week to get results (or more bc of holidays) and this alleged UTI may be harming us in the meantime.

    I've always been a worrier and this pregnancy is taking it to the next level. I apologize in advance for my neurosis. :smile:
  • I had a bladder infection and had almost no symptoms for it at all. My dr reassured me that the antibiotics are fine while pregnant and that it is better to take them and get over the bladder infection then have stress on the baby from the infection. I know it's frustrating to not have a smooth pregnancy but it's really important for you to take care of yourself right now! I've also had off and on spotting and they can't seem to find a reason but I have a completely healthy baby at 12 weeks 5days! Just keep yourself as healthy as you can!
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  • Thank you @msuzannah I needed that! And happy to hear you're doing perfect at 12 weeks! :)
  • I have a history of no symptom UTIs and just before getting pregnant had a UTI and bacterial vaginosis and no symptoms of either. Sometimes I get a pressure feeling in my lower abdomen and that tips me off of a possible UTI. Antibiotics during pregnancy are safe and actually are necessary in some cases so the infection doesn't spread to kidneys or anything which can create a really dangerous situation for mom and babe. Plus UTIs are very common in pregnancy.
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