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Sleeping help for baby

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My little one (12 weeks) has had really bad reflux and gas- he couldn't stand being laid on his back, even with the wedge, so he has been sleeping on me or my husband in a recliner. That said, now that it has gotten somewhat better, we really want to get him to sleep in his crib. Every time we put him to sleep and he is deep sleeping we put him in he crib and Bam his eyes open. He won't sleep in the crib. My maternity leave is almost up and I don't know how we will do if no one is getting any real sleep. I've tried warming the crib, adding my scent, swaddling, not swaddling, rubbing his belly while he's in the crib- no cigars. Any help/suggestions will be welcome. I love holding him while he is sleeping but I know it's a better sleep for him in the crib. Thanks mamas!!!

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  • Have you tried a rock n play for sleep? It would keep him inclined since he has reflux.
  • I was just reading about these. I'm thinking about going out to buy one tomorrow. Thanks!
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  • We also have a vibrating piece connected to our bassinet/ pack n play - worth a shot- BUT I'm betting on the R&P
  • We use the Rock and play but my 11 week already seems to be big for it..not sure if you'd get your money worth for a short time..
  • Do you use zantac or prilosec for the reflux? I spent every nap and night in a recliner with lo on top of me from weeks 4-9...we got on zantac at week 8 and once it kicked in I was able to get LO back into her bassinet at night (naps took longer).

    You can also roll up blankets and put them under the crib sheet to incline it a bit and also on the sides to make it he gets used to it, slowly remove the blankets. Just make sure they're all gone by the time he can roll.

    It's not SIDS approved but amazon does sell a few side sleeper wedges to force them on their sides which is better for reflux...we tried one but lo was too heavy and just rolled right over it, onto her back. By the time she could coordinate rolling to her side and then belly to sleep, she would sleep through the night.

    I would be careful if the rnp if you have a bigger baby. We also considered it around 8 weeks but she's long and would have been squished in there by 4 months. Didn't think it was worth the cost for just a few weeks.
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  • Look into the graco dreamglider, it's bigger than RnP, adjustable incline, and glides automatically and has timer. My LO started in it at 11 weeks, he was getting long for the RnP.
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