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HCG Levels after Chemical Pregnancy

Here is my back story. My husband (28) and I (25) have been trying to conceive since September. In November 2 days before my period was due I just had a feeling I was pregnant... I took a pregnancy test both digital and FRER and both said positive.... I was so excited- later that night I started spotting the next morning I bled heavily my doctor confirmed I had a CP.... I was devastated..... I know.... It was only for a day but still I was heartbroken. That period lasted about 7 days and was heavy (I typically am 4-5 days medium to light) My period was suppose to come on December 8th and it didnt show up... I tested on the day of my missed period and it was negative.... then two days later I tested and it showed up faintly... and gradually got darker as days and tests went on... I coincidentally had an appointment scheduled for the following Monday with my OBGYN. He did a sonogram and saw that my uterine wall had a strong lining and signs that I am indeed pregnant. I took the HCG blood test that day and my results on Tuesday were 80. I took a test on Wednesday at it was 190! The doctor said everything was going well but I just cant help to think that I might miscarry..... has anyone had "normal levels" but were lower in the "normal" scale and had a successful pregnancy? 

Thank you!! 

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