Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone know SAFE cosmetic products to use? (losses mentioned)

I am now 4.5 weeks pg (after having 2 m/c's - and a lot of complications) so naturally I am extremely nervous and worried and trying to be extra cautious right now..
My face is very badly broken out - major acne.. so I wanted to know what brand facial cleansers I can use that are truly safe... I know to stay away from Benzol Peroxide and Salicyclic Acid, Retinols etc... Also wanted to know what makeup/foundation I should be using - right now i have been using Clinique Even Better foundation but I realized it contains SPF in it.. is that dangerous?  I use Bronzer too from Clinique, Benefit bronzer, Urban decay eye shadow.. are these dangerous? 
any feedback is very much appreciated! 

Re: Anyone know SAFE cosmetic products to use? (losses mentioned)

  • Omg I know what you mean! My face is horrible! I look like a teenager again. I stopped using my face wash because it has salicylic acid. I have been using hot water and Epsom salt. It's kind of helping, but not enough. For makeup I am using a Clinique liquid liner, Mac blush, and Chapstick or gloss. I can't wear anything else because of allergies. I haven't looked into the products I have, but I wear so little I think it will be fine.
  • I use plain coconut oil on my face as a face wash and moisturizer in the winter when my skin is dry. Check out Rejuva Minerals online for makeup- the Environmental Working Group's website "Skin Deep" ranks all of their products at a 1 (scale of 0-10) for harmful chemicals. I think their products work well, esp the pressed powder foundation and mascara.
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  • I use dr. bonners baby mild soap diluted in a foaming dispenser and I add lemon essential oil to act as salicylic acid would. You can find dilution charts for essential oils online. Then I use witch hazel as an astringent only on my oily areas or break outs. Then I fishnish off with coconut oil or almond. If I have a break out I use red morracan clay to help draw out impurities. It will zap a zit. Treat your break outs gingerly. I do not use foundation any more after months of doing this. I got rid of all the toxic products in my house.
  • I never heard that make up could be bad for you and I'm super paranoid i.e. I avoided tons of foods like lunch meat, jerky, etc. Anyway, I obviously don't have any advice but just wanted to thank you for the info!
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