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Baby sick

My 7 week old DD is sick:( I'm pretty sure that she got it from me, I had a cold last week involving congestion and a cough, and as of yesterday now baby girl has the same thing. It is so sad listening to her cough or trying to breath through her nose through all the congestion. We have been sucking out stuff threw her nose, and have a humidifier running. Other than that does anyone have any ideas or things that might help? I'm thinking I'll call the doctor in the morning to see if they can see her or if they have any ideas. This sucks it breaks my heart :(

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  • Run a hot shower and shut the bathroom door. Sit in there with her to help steam open her sinuses. I hope she gets better quickly
  • My guy is 7 weeks and the same thing is going on here. We are calling the doctor because his breathing is so terrible!
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    Saline helps a ton. Keep her inclined. Like the previous poster said, get the bathroom really steamy. We went through this at 3-4 weeks. It's terrible! You feel so bad while they try to eat. If she's really having a hard time eating, just feed her more often for shorter times. You want to make sure she stays hydrated.

    ETA: we went to the pedi twice. It was time that did it for us. And we just tried to keep her as comfy as possible. Keep doing the nose Frida. That helps so much. The saline will also help get stuff with the nose Frida as well as help her sneeze it out.
  • same thing here with my 7 week old.  He's had it about a week now I'm hoping it goes away soon.  Saline drops in the nose and suctioning, humidifier, if you go to pedi see if they will give you a nebulizer with saline and shower steam.  That's all we can do for now...
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    Thanks ladies!! I've been trying all these things and it seems to be working. I also tried breastmilk up the nose and it seemed to work really well too! My sister in law made me do it, said it was like the nettipot for babies. And it cleared her out really well! Hopefully we will get over this soon!
  • It must be the 7 week itch! Mine has been fighting a cold all week. We called the Dr and the nurse told us exactly what you're already doing. Time, suck the snot, saline, humidifier. It sucks seeing our poor babies sick!
  • My little one is now 7 weeks but spent all last week in hospital with bronchiolitis that started as just a cold. So if their breathing is laboured and stop eating as much please get them seen by a doctor!
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  • DD hasn't gotten sick yet, but any time we see boogies, we use saline spray! Found at target with all the other baby medicine products like gas drops and what not. Works like a dream :)
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