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Baby hates car seat!

My poor baby sweats profusely in the car seat. After a 5-10 minute drive he's really warm on his back. When I take him out he's drenched on his back & head. I feel so bad b/c obviously I can't take him out in the car. Anything I can do for him? I leave him uncovered and everything. We have an orbit baby car seat.


Re: Baby hates car seat!

  • Can you dress him in a onesie & just use lots of blankets outside?
  • We had the same issue. We got a car seat for baby shower gift and my son sweat in it bad. It was the nylon fabric on the seat that made him so hot. It's like sitting on plastic, it doesn't breath at all. We have one we bought a for ourselves and it's got better fabric that breaths. Not sure what it's made of but its more porous so it lets air in behind him.
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  • My son still sweats like nobody's business. I try to dress him in as little as possible.


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