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Hello ladies.... Now we can have our own meetings on the bump! I am hoping it makes me more motivated and more accountable. I am excited to get started! Maybe we can share our current weights and goal weights as well as some tips and just motivations as needed.

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  • I will start... I am currently 163.2 lbs and would like to lose 25 pounds. I exercise between 2-3 times per week at the gym.... I am a chronic snacker and late night TV snacks are my biggest weakness.
  • I haven't bought the zulily deal yet but will do it later today! This is a great idea and I think it will keep us motivated because otherwise I would be lazy about it..
    I am 130 lbs which is about what I was pre pregnancy but it's considered "overweight" for being only 5 feet tall. After I had dd I was about 118 lbs and would love to get back to that. But losing about 10 lbs would be great. I just want my stomach to shrink!
    I really want to start doing a yoga class or something but have to figure out a good day and time to go where I have someone to watch lo or go when my fiancé is home. I love ice cream and desserts! That's my weakness..
  • My first small goal is to be under 160 even 159.9 will be celebrated!
  • I got the WW deal, but I'm going to start it after the holidays. I'll keep my food intake in mind during celebrations, but I don't want to count just yet.

    I'm at 164 right now. I was 150 when I got pregnant, but I'm usually between 140-145. That's where I'd like to get back to. 5 lbs at a time. :). Oh, I'm 5'5".

    Glad to have the accountability group!
  • I like this idea. I was 195 when I got pregnant and I'm 5'4. I was trying to lose before but kept gaining bc I was stressed. I went up to 205 when pregnant. Since then I am down to 176 but have plateaud. I am more comfortable with myself than I have been in years so I'm not stressing about loosing weight but want to keep going. I was 150 when I met my husband so I would be super happy getting back to that.
  • Big Boned Bertha over here (triple B is my street name). ;) I'm 240 as of this morning. Down 8# in the last 3 weeks (toot toot!). My goal is to be in the 150's. This will take a while so I hope you guys maintain this thread for at least a year. I was 214 before I got pregnant (yeah I gain too much during pregnancy). I was in the 150's-160's in college and liked the way I looked and felt so I'd like to get back to that range for health reasons and to be able to wear cute clothes again. I'm pumped to have your support and will purchase that WW deal on zulilly.
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    I'm at 136. I was 119 prepregnancy and got up to 154 while pregnant. I'd be happy at 125! I spent 8 months on WW getting from 164 to 119, and then maintained until I got pregnant. I would love to sign up again, but really can't afford even $20 for it right now! I also don't think I can commit to a set number of points while BFing. So I'm rocking Simply Filling. If anyone else is interested, search google for the food list. You just eat those foods and only until you feel satisfied. If you pay for WW, you can choose that plan instead of points if you'd like.

    Good luck and stay strong, ladies!

    ETA: I'm 5'3
  • If you are interested in something else or to maybe go along zulilly had these interesting portion sized plates today. Could be worthy a look at.
  • I have 4 points left and I don't want to lose them lol.... But so many things that used to be low point values are too high now!
  • So I have followed ww in the past. We bought the kits from someone on ebay, so we had the food diaries, calculators, books and everything. I lost 45 pounds in 5 months. How does it work when you're breastfeeding? Can anyone help get me that informant? I'm actually ebf twins, so I need to make sure I'm still eating enough to produce for both of my girls. I just planed to start after I wean them at a year, because I had no way to get the info I need to be safe for me and them.

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  • I just bought it this morning so once I can set it up I can let you know what it says about breastfeeding for me. Obviously it will be different since I'm only feeding 1 but hopefully it will help.
  • One of the first questions it asks you is if you are breastfeeding... I believe they are very serious about taking that into account before calculating your target points.
  • After 6 days strong, I sucked today and ate pizza for dinner. Then.... I ate ice cream. I'll be better tomorrow. I just ran out of healthy food. Agh.
  • I'm terrible with being super healthy and good during the day and then binging on wine and raisenets after the baby is in bed. I haven't gotten the hang of logging my food in the app yet. So I'm feeling like a failure these first few days. Work has been stressful so I haven't jumped in the way I hoped. Now to to survive the next two weeks.

    @mellymar, I describe myself exactly the same. I have never and will never be a small girl. I'm tall and broad. No two ways around it. At my most fit and skinny (and I seriously was skinny, the pics kill me), I was still 145. It is so much more about the way your body feels than the number but yes, I really want to get under 200. Wahhh why is there no diet wine!?
  • I am with @swaugh14 I can tell you I won't do ww but will probably lurk her and healthy mom boards for motivation I used to be an avid runner and am hoping to get back into it. But will give my details on size and emphasize that I strongly agree that it is not about weight because although my weight isn't terrible I am in bad shape like I shoveled for ten minutes and thought I might die and I didn't like that so that's what I want to do is find time to exercise with a baby. 5'4 and currently 137 ish depending on the day. Goal not be winded :)
  • I got my code from zulily. Think I will wait until Monday to start so I have a few more days to eat whatever.. Although starting Monday with Christmas at the end of the week who knows how it will go.
  • I got my code and will start after Christmas. I'm 5'8 and 210. I was 203 when I got pregnant. My first goal is to get under 200. I would like to land at 180-185. I'm comfortable there.
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  • @sjeff0816 thank you!! We are both moving in the right direction!!

    this is a good start to help me break even with the holidays coming! Now I can gain at least 3 lbs before I feel bad muhahahahha .. I'm only half-joking   :D
  • Where are all my ladies at?!
  • I haven't joined yet but I plan to come the new year & I'm going to drag my DH along too. I'm stuck at 190, was 160 prepregnancy so that is my goal! I don't do too well with a restricted eating program but I'm going to use WW as kind of a guide to just become more mindful of what & how I'm eating. I'm a big stress eater & a I'm too tired just give me something eater! Eventually I need to do a serious diet overhaul, Autoimmune Protocal Diet-it's so strict but aimed at helping you figure out which foods affect you & how. I'm hoping WW will help me ease into that too.
  • I'm sucking. I ate two donuts, half a sub sandwich, and drank a cup of coffee yesterday and that's all. Super healthy.

    We've been sick with colds around here, so that's my excuse. Poor LO won't let me put her down.

  • How long did it take you to get your voucher? I'm still waiting on mine.
  • I got mine the next day I think
  • I just signed up for my work "biggest loser" starting 1/4. So I will be joining you all here!
  • Today was my weigh in day and I stayed exactly the same... But considering how I ate over the weekend and the fact that I made a ton of Christmas cookies I really can't complain.
  • Hey all! Been awhile since I posted at all, but I love the idea of a little WW community-and I just started myself a month ago! I am 5'7 and at 180 currently, right around my pre-baby weight, but I wasn't exactly stoked with my pre-baby weight either. I would love to get to 160-165, and I think I could be happy in clothing again-so I guess that's 20 ish pounds to go! When I started WW a month ago I was almost 190, so I have had some success making it a little easier to keep going (I had a stomach virus for a couple weeks this last month-so I attribute some weight loss to that).

    My struggle has always been finding time for the workout-I have noticed I do not lose weight without the working out! I also need to be real with portion size when I track, sometimes I think I track a wishful thinking portion, but really I eat more points than I track.
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