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Hey everyone. Wondering if anyone else has a fetal heart Doppler and if so when could you hear the heartbeat? My husband is a new family doctor and needed to buy one for the office anyway so it didn't seem to crazy to buy one. I had a miscarriage at 17 weeks last summer so I am a nervous wreck and Im hoping that listening to a heartbeat every other day will reassure me until I feel movement. Who's with me?

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    Oh duh. I heart a strong heartbeat today at 11 weeks 1 day
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    I was actually tempted to buy one myself but wasn't sure about what brand I wanted to purchase. I actually meant to start a new thread about it but never got around to it. So while you ladies are at it, give me some good ideas. ;) thank you!
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    @stephTOBEgreen do you have a brand you like? I have been thinking about purchasing one, but I'm torn. Part of me thinks it will increase my anxiety because if I can't find a heartbeat I may freak out about it, even though sometimes it can just be harder to find it and you may hear a HB the next time you try. But the though of being able to listen to baby's HB whenever I want is very appealing. And may calm my worries, even if only for that day.
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    I heard at close to 9 weeks, but I think it can be different for everyone depending on your size and where the baby may by hiding :) If you can't find it, don't freak, but it is fun when you do!
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    vtulchvtulch member
    edited December 2015
    I have the Sonoline B Doppler. 

    With my first pregnancy I found the heartbeat at 10w3d and with this pregnancy I surprisingly found it at 7w4d. Keep in mind it's really not as easy as you think to find the heartbeat this early so don't get the Doppler if you're the type to freak out.
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    I am sorry for your loss.

    If you use the search function, there is already a thread on this.

    I believe that the consensus was most people like the Sonoline B. A lot of people get anxiety not being able to find the heartbeat and would rather skip the fetal Doppler. Those that do like it need to make sure that they do not use it more than 1 to 2 times per week because it can be harmful.
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    I bought a cheapie knock-off on Amazon and we really like it. We only use it every 2 weeks or so because we heard it could possibly be harmful. Also because the baby seems to hate it. We find the heartbeat, it moves, we find it again, it moves again- DH says it's cruel so we've only done it twice so far. I love it though and we listen to the recordings we took all the time.
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    I have a Sonoline B. I didn't find the heartbeat the first couple of times I tried last week, but I found it Sunday night at 11w1d. :)
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    Found mine at 10 weeks exactly, though it was the midwife that found it. Took a few minutes for sure.
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    I have had the sonoline b since I was pregnant with my 4 year old daughter and loved it. Was able to find the baby's heartbeat in this pregnancy at 7weeks 5 days. It definitely gave me peace of mind the other day When I had some light spotting. Good luck to you!
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