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what baby wash do you use?

I have been using Johnsons and Johnsons products but is drying out my LO's skin.Therefore I'm looking for a new wash-What products are you using?

Re: what baby wash do you use?

  • Try dove baby or aveno baby
  • We use the shampoo + body wash all in one from the honest co. I have sensitive skin so we went with that brand thinking baby might also. We really like it.
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  • I use Earth Mama Angel Baby and it doesn't dry her skin out, but I don't love it.
  • We have the Babyganics wash and lotion and it seems to be working well. We are only bathing her every few days unless she has a poosplosion.
  • I like anything from Burt's Bees.


  • Babo organics
  • Right now I'm using a sample of Burt's Bees, but I like the Aveeno Baby the best. The one I got is lightly scented so LO smells nice.
  • We use Aveeno Baby. Has been working well for us.

  • We use live clean- it has chamomile, lavender and aloe in it and it's a hypoallergenic/gentle tear free formula that smells so good! When baby is sick though we use the johnsons vapo bath and it helps her breathe better :)
  • Aveeno baby for us 
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