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OBGYN who advocates for normal delivery in central jersey?

Hi everyone, I am finally pregnant after 3+ years of trying. I have vaginismus and had to suffer through a lot of painful sex to get pregnant. 3 doctors treated me like it's just in my head. 1 doctor recommended physical therapy which was not covered by insurance. 5th doctor said after pregnancy my vaginal muscles will loosen up so hopefully I won't have pain during sex after pregnancy. 

When I found out I am pregnant I thought of going with 5th doctor, Dr. Owuanna. I called her office and was told that there are 5 doctors in the group and every time I will be seeing different doctor based on their availability! They cant even tell which doctor will perform my delivery, whoever is on call that day will come! I was very disappointed. What if on delivery day I get a doctor who is not so understanding of my vaginismus and/or does not advocate for normal delivery. 

Please recommend compassionate, knowledgeable OBGYN's who don't force c-sections. 

I can either go to St Peter's or UMC Princeton as those are nearby. Anyone had experience at one of these hospitals? Which hospital is better in terms of not forcing c-section? 

Re: OBGYN who advocates for normal delivery in central jersey?

  • I haven't used them, but I've heard wonderful things about the docs and DelVal: https://www.delvalobgyn.com/

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  • owunna herself is great but I just left that practice because they're incredibly cold and insensitive. also I moved and was still driving there for a while until one of the other doctors left. 
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  • Talk to the doctor you like about your concerns! If anyone can either lay down the law for the other doctors in the practice or recommend sympathetic colleagues, it would be her.

    Also look for natural birth/midwife centers. They will make sure you only get a c-section if it's absolutely necessary.

    And last but not least, get a Doula!!!!!! She will advocate for you when you need it, and if well-trained, will know when a c-section is needed or just a doctor's preference.
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