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questions about babywise schedule and going out during the day

Hi Everyone,
  I'm due in 6 weeks and have read babywise twice. it was a little confusing the first time around but the second time around things started to make sense. I just have a question about maintaining the babywise schedule and going out during the day i.e.. grocery store, pediatrician, lunch, etc ( not all these things in one day). how do you all tweak the schedule to make this work and not throw off the night sleep schedule. I am going back to work at 9 weeks and am hoping to get somewhat of a decent sleep by then if possible. thanks in advance.

Re: questions about babywise schedule and going out during the day

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    My lactation consultant, PEPS, and my pediatrician said not to use babywise. I guess some babies have been diagnosed with failure to thrive from using babywise. That being said, my baby has a routine that evolved from his natural patterns. If I can I try to keep our appointments around the time I know he will sleep he naps in the car. Otherwise we pick up where we left off once we get home.

    We do put him down for bed between 7-8 and he's asleep until 1-2 that way. Then he goes back to sleep and stays asleep until 5-6. Then he will go back to sleep until 8-9 (and mama can get up, shower, clean or work!) This just happened for him. I go with the flow and haven't tried to schedule him yet. Babywise was recommended by a friend so I read it as well and tried it at first but i already had a low milk supply and he was losing weight so I stopped after my doctor told me to not use that method and to let the baby feed and sleep on demand.

    People still use and love babywise so if you're not concerned please disregard my post. But if you didn't know this, I hope it's helpful. I'm not judging. My friends baby is totally well adjusted and healthy and she used it by the book. My lactation consultant said that baby probably would have had that kind of routine anyway and it probably wasn't the method- just an easy going kid. My cranky puss would do terribly on a babywise schedule.

    I then found The Baby Whisperer which is more moderate but have opted not to use that either. But I liked it a lot and stick to the eat play sleep routine when home. I don't wake to feed now or try to put him to sleep at the 4 hour mark either. He usually will fall asleep on his own at some point.
  • I used baby wise as a guide. I used "the wonder weeks", which is extremely accurate, with 3 infants. I have to say though by 7 weeks adjusted our LO made his own schedule. Bed around 9. Wake at 7. Only night feed is 4 am. This feed lasted for 13 mos with our last.

    So use the principles of baby wise but if baby is hungry listen to their cues.

    Failure to thrive is the wrong term IMO. That's a baby that is choosing not to eat. People sticking to baby wise to the letter letting baby cry it out too young is starving them. Sleeping through the night is s developmental milestone. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with feeding.

    Baby wise is correct IMO that you have to get the calories in the child during a set # of hours-follow that principle and things will fall in place.

    I also like the "precious little sleep" web site.
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  • /\ WSS Your little one will really set their own schedule. And the first two months, you do what you have to in order to keep your baby happy and yourself going. My little guy is 11 weeks and has a schedule he put himself on.
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