Pregnant after a Loss

Symptoms...can/do they come & go? Is that normal or okay?

I have officially made it further than last time (I am 6w5d ish) and I was having a good range of symptoms, but last night and today I haven't had any.  I am starting to worry a little and don't know if this is to be expected or if it's a bad sign.  The main thing is that my boobs were so sore and painful from day one and today, pretty much nothing.  I went in for bloodwork today and will know where we stand this afternoon (if I can make it until then) so at least I will get a confirmation.  My mind is just restless with endless possibilities and I want to be positive but I am still so traumatized from last night.  Hope all your Fridays are off to a better start!

Re: Symptoms...can/do they come & go? Is that normal or okay?

  • It is 100% normal, and symptoms or a lack thereof us not an indication of the health of the pregnancy.
  • My boobs fluctuated and it worried me sick, I walked around feeling my boobs for soreness all the time. I'm sure I looked like a pervert.
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  • My symptoms are coming and going as well. Everyone says it's normal so I'm just going to believe them. Let us know how your blood work goes.
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    NTNP since 11/12, actively trying since 8/14
    m/c @ 7w (4/22/14), m/c @ 6w (11/19/14)
    11/15: Letrozole, Ovidrel, TI = BFP!!!
    Beta #1(14dpo)=349, Beta #2(18dpo)=2,805
    12/17/15: Got to see the heartbeat (105bpm)!
    1/25/16: NT scan = normal (HB=163bpm)
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    5/18/17: BFP!!! (11dpo)
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  • Thank you, this made me feel so much better!  HCG came back 2,994 (up from 894 on Monday).  The nurse said everything looks great, so that helped too!  I go back on the 22nd for an ultrasound and bloodwork!  Hoping we make it to then :)  
  • With those numbers you definitely will, congratulations!
  • Great numbers!
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  • Great numbers & congratulations! My symptoms fluctuated as well. Hang in there
  • THANK YOU @plainjane8350 @rkrichey & @mommaseal!  Yeah the fluctuating symptoms just make me'd be easier if they were full fledged or just not present, but I won't complain since I am happy to be here and able to partake in this board.  Hoping for many healthy months for all of us!
  • I'm going through the same thing right now. Even poas to make sure.

    With my daughter's pregnancy, I had a spontaneous loss of symptoms around 7.5 weeks. And I had been sick as a dog. I had an early ultrasound and my sweet bean was perfect as could be. The symptoms returned. I became sicker than sick again.

    I'm trying to remind myself of this. Trying trying. I hope our babies are fantastically healthy and are just giving us a break.
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