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37W 4D 0% dialated

Just wondering if anyone else experienced this? I don't know whats normal and Dr kinda rushed to next appointment after telling me that. Just don't want to be way over due date haha. I just feel like lots of other ladies on my birth month are at least somewhat dialated so I was a little disappointed for some reason

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  • Dilation doesn't say a thing about your progress. i'm 39 + 4 and my midwife doesn't do cervical exams because you can walk around for weeks at a certain point and not have the baby. 
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  • Oh really? I didn't know that. I just assumed it meant I would go way overdue so I hated my life. I'm really able to keep my emotions in check while pregnant..
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  • As PP said dilation doesn't say anything about how soon you'll go into labor. Women can walk around for weeks being slightly dilated and not even know it. I myself never dilated at all and went to 41 weeks and had to be induced. When we checked into the hospital for the induction I was still not even a little dilated and had to be given medication to ripen and dilate the cervix
  • I didn't dilate until after my waters broke!
  • I wasn't dilated at a Wednesday appointment (39+2) and had my baby 4 days later. Some people decline cervical checks entirely bc it is essentially meaningless.

    But please remember to ask your doctor this kind of stuff.. they know a hell of a lot more than random Internet strangers.
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  • You can walk around for weeks at 3 cm, or be totally closed and go into labor within a day or two. Cervical checks are unnecessary unless you're having some kind of labor symptoms. Don't stress, you're only 37 weeks! And going overdue is not the end of the world. I was 8 days past EDD with my LO and was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth and she is healthy and wasn't even that big (7lb 9oz).
  • Dilation does not mean anything.  I was 1cm at the hospital in active labor and I was only 38 weeks.
  • I wasn't dialated at 36, then at 37 my water broke and by the time I got to the hospital I was 3 cm. It can happen fast!
  • I laboured hard for 12 hours and didn't dialate, then my water broke and things started progressing, although we found out LO was breech shortly after my water broke and ended up c section. It's more common to dialate early with your second child but you can be at 3cm for 3 weeks...doesn't mean anything
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    Dilation means nothing.. I had an appointment Thursday 12-10 at 37week and 1 day and was 0cm dilated and hardly effaced. I left really disappointed because 2 of my best friends who recently had kids had some dilation at that point. I woke up at 3:30am the next morning with such strong and painful contractions that I didn't waste any time trying to time them.. I showered and we were off to the hospital. At 5am I was at 3cm and an hour or two later I was at 6cm. Baby was here at 2:03pm on 12-11. Less than 24 hours after that appointment where I was 0cm dilated.   :)
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    Just wasted to echo the pp that you should always feel free to ask. Even if they seem rushed, you are important!

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  • When I had my LO, going on 4 weeks ago, I wasn't dilated ar all. Then, out of the blue, I went of 0-10 in less than 4 hours! I was in labour for 4 hours, and pushed for only an hour. And this is my first baby, too! So, dilation doesn't really mean anything at all. :smile:
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