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Overnight Trip w/out LO

Have y'all left the kiddo behind for more than a few nights?

We're thinking about going snowboarding while I have vacation days to use before our fiscal year ends- My Mom already offered to watch her for the 3 nights but I'm feeling bad leaving her behind. Yet, I know we shouldn't stop loving what we do every winter. She'd be 6.5 months old.

Re: Overnight Trip w/out LO

  • I don't see LO for 3 days a week. I'd gladly choose a ski trip over work. I'd do it.
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  • We haven't yet, but we're leaving both kids behind in March when we go to Belize for 5 days. I'd do it.
  • I'm freaking out. My husband is taking me away for my birthday this weekend for our first overnight. I've left him to go to an event a couple of times but always come home and been able to kiss him while he is asleep. I'm excited to be with my DH but so sad to lease my ds. I completely trust who is watching him but I'm just going to miss him so much. Especially since I work full time so the weekends are my time with him. Sorry to go on but glad you brought this up because it's coming up for me way too soon.
  • I have! It's a scary thought at first, but I knew my parents and sister were fighting over who got to keep her each day. Uncalled a couple of times and they sent me pictures daily! I loved having a few days to regroup with d/h! As soon as I picked her up from my parents I realized how much I missed her, but I knew it was good for both of us!
  • Glad you asked this. I have a work trip at the end of January, and am trying to decide what to do. I'm EBF and don't have a freezer stash yet. I may try to bring DH and LO with me, though that sounds nightmarish... Not sure if I can make myself leave him though.
    If I do, I need to rent a pump ASAP. My hand pump isn't cutting it.
    It would be a trip to Europe. It would be maybe 4 days, and could be fun but I'd rather be with my baby at this point. Ugh.
  • DH and I have been on one date since LO was born and it was work related. So im far from leaving LO overnight! I miss him way too much. He's also EBF and so pumping and bottles would be an issue.
  • Go and have a great time! I understand your concern though. I went to visit a friend for two nights while LO was home with daddy. It was tough but I don't think I realized how bad I needed it until I was away. I had a great time but I kept thinking about how I couldn't want to kiss his chubby cheeks.
  • I'm going on a work trip at the end of January when LO is about 7 months. I'm nervous about it, but I have an okay freezer stash, I totally trust DH to handle it, my mom can help, and I'm actually looking forward to sleeping in a quiet room and going out for drinks with colleagues.

    EBFers: I have enough of a stash to last the trip. I'm thinking of just pumping and dumping while I'm gone to avoid storing and traveling with breastmilk. How have other people handled that?
  • @aresee The short answer is I have always brought milk back with me. If it was jus one night, maybe its not a big deal to dump, also if you have a good freezer stash. If its more than one night, I would try to bring it back.

    If you're on the road, a cooler isn't a big deal. Load up on ice at your hotel. If you're flying, you'll want to make sure your hotel room has a fridge and bring a soft cooler as one of your carry-ons with extra plastic bags. After security, you can fill the plastic bags with ice. Although, I have never traveled by plane with breast milk but without LO. I've heard that can be a hassle.

    Or if dumping bm doesn't bother you, that's definitely less hassle. Good luck!
  • @Sammy K I guess I wouldn't say dumping wouldn't bother me (it does seem like a big waste), I've just been trying to weigh the pros and cons. I've mostly been freezing in anticipation of this trip so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to keep up a similar stash level after I'm back. I have about 5-6 days saved now and the trip is three nights.
  • 6 months was about when we left our daughter for the first time. This kid was 6 weeks when we had to ship him off to grandma so we could have the flu in peace. We going to key west next month... LOnwill be 7.5 months old. I guess I'm saying .... Do it!
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  • DH is panicky about the idea of being left with LO. I am the sole night duty person, and LO goes ballistic if his dad tries to comfort him when he wakes at night.

    I have over a month to get them trained up together... Or I can bite the bullet and bring them (so not ideal).

    Tips? My husband hasn't spent more than 2 hours alone with LO. Am thinking I need to pump some bottles and start spending increasingly longer time away during the day.

    I've created a monster. Feeling lucky to have spent all this time with the baby, but now we are maybe too attached to each other. Damned if you do, or if you don't...
  • @virginiaunicorn11 girlfriend, leave him with DH for a long afternoon. Tomorrow. For DH's sake. With clear instructions to not contact you unless someone is bleeding. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are the sole comforter of your beautiful creature but...make DH just deal with it. He will find his own rhythm (and it won't be the same way you comfort LO), but it will happen. The worst thing? He cries. And then the next time it's better. And so on (I am so jealous of all that time you've got with your cute boy though).

    Yes. You're right. It's not my desire - it's DH's panic. But yeah. I will just let him be mad but insist. Thanks.
  • We went on a trip when LO was 4 months. Just one night. I very muched enjoyed it and I was able to FaceTime with my mom, who was watching her. I cried when I saw her little face through the phone though (hardest part). But it was nice (short) break.
  • My dh went on a 4 night trip when lo was 5 weeks old, he missed her like crazy which was good for him because he really appreciated her when he got back. We have left lo more than a few times but not an entire overnight. Mostly because no one lives here who could do that. I didn't have any issues with my milk through security and I certainly think dumping is a giant waste to so I would go and bring the milk back but that's just me.
  • This is the link where I got the idea to pump and dump:


    I agree it would be a waste, but the main goal would just be to keep up my supply so I can keep breastfeeding when I get home
  • My mum is the only person I would let take my twins overnight. We haven't done it yet because there hasn't been a need to but I would def leave them with her. Go enjoy yourself and sleep in.
  • @virginiaunicorn11 we are in the exact same boat (night time is only mommy) due to DH lack of patience and anxiety over crying. I had to interrupt my task at least 10 times to help because I could hear the frustration rising in him.

    I am taking @dancegurl1118 exact advice and told him he needs to get over it and get through it a few times if he ever wants it to improve. He didn't much like that but seemed to understand somewhat.

    Wishing you guys success!

  • I've been pumping and creating a small freezer stash, and getting DH pumped up (no pun intended) to spend some more alone time with LO. We have been visiting relatives so it hasn't happened yet, but will. Dammit, it will!

    Meantime, we figured out the work trip. I convinced my boss and DH that a two week trip would be better, both personally and professionally. (Which is true.) So DH and LO are coming with me, and DH will keep LO during the day. It's a great solution - we are all thrilled!
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