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I introduced some formula to my son when he was around two months old as he was having a growth spurt and his feeds were physically draining me, now he's nearly 3 months and I've been giving him more and more bottle to the extent that he isn't latching on to the breast anymore (which is great, I'm happy for him to go onto formula to give myself a break) but its been 24 hours since he last took breast and I'm in agony with them being so full, I've expressed a little twice already today, does anyone know how long this goes on for? Or have any recommendations on how to ease it a bit? Thanks!

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  • I'd recommend asking the breastfeeding board. I had to let my milk dry up with both kids and it was excruciating. I wore really tight sports bras, used ice packs and only expressed a tiny bit here and there.
  • You need to pump just enough so you don't feel engorged. Otherwise you end up with plugged ducts and possibly mastitis. Use cool compress or cabbage leaves and when in the shower keep hot water off the breasts. Peppermint can help dry you up. I just had a slice of chocolate peppermint cheesecake. ..well I had a slice 2 days in a row and my supply took a hit just from that. As far as how long it takes everyone is different.
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  • No personal experience, but I've read that cold medicine can help...Sudafed or another kind that works by drying out mucus may also dry up your milk.

    If you don't mind it taking a while, I'd pump a few times a day and gradually wean. You are bottle feeding so it won't go to waste. Start with a few short sessions a day and then gradually cut down on the length and frequency until you no longer need to do it.
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