Pregnant after a Loss

Vivid Pregnancy Dreams

I know that vivid dreams are part of pregnancy but this time all my dreams are about my child dying. 

They aren't realistic things to worry about. One I dreamed that I got to term and despite all the ultasounds nobody noticed that there were two babies and they each only grew for 20 weeks so they were the same age as the baby I lost earlier this year. Another dream I went into labor and then found out that I had a child that I didn't know about (!??) who was dying of cancer and I got to meet him for the first time as he died. I know the dreams are ridiculous but I wake up sobbing every time and can't go back to sleep. Is anybody else having similar dreams? Does anyone know any way to get rid of them? Any way to make them less vivid?
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Re: Vivid Pregnancy Dreams

  • Unfortunately when you are sleeping the mind wanders.  It is really hard to not scare yourself, but I don't think there is anything you can do to get rid of bad dreams.  Although to make you feel better here is a dream I had last month.

    In my dream I was cast in the new marvel movie as the hands of the Hulk, not the rest of the Hulk just the hands so I was in charge of Hulk smash.  I think you know what an absolute honor this is.  Anyway it turns out that they didn't need me, the guy playing the rest of the Hulk could do my part.  I was waiting around trying to do my role and he was doing it everytime, so they let me go.  I woke up from that dream with tears in my eyes.  And I was like seriously pregnant woman pull yourself together you are being ridiculous.
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