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One breast not producing

Hi! My left breast is barely producing anything. My right breast has always been the stronger of the two, but it's getting bad. I pumped at 3:45 today and just tried to feed my baby on the left breast at 7:15 and nothing. Shouldn't it have produced more by now? I need them both to satisfy her ounce need. It's breaking my heart. I don t want to be done breast feeding.

Re: One breast not producing

  • Just keep pumping away - the more often your body gets those cues the more you'll make. Try pumping and then nursing to get out some more (baby is waaay better than a pump). Try replacing the little white membranes on your nipple shields (the white thing attached to the yellow thing) you will be amazed at how much more effective a pumping session is with new ones. Also realize that LO is going to start solids soon and you won't have to make up her entire food source with milk.

    I to make sure that I pump at the same time every day while I'm at work - I really think that helps. I also don't stop pumping until I hit my goal for each side (one side that's 4oz and the other 2 oz at 8am and then one 2oz and the other 1oz at 11). Just let her keep nursing. She is getting something - even if you don't have a full letdown.
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    I agree with pp. I started my period and my supply drops during that time dramatically. So much that I had to break into my freezer stash and it frustrated me and stressed me out thinking I was drying up. But I just kept at it and tried to relax and after about a week it has picked back up. But I also started to pump every 3-4 hours religiously. Have you tried lactation cookies?
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  • Fenugreek sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds grinder down is good I eat 2 tablespoons in some yoghurt daily and that allows me to pump 5-8oz of each breast and feed all day long and I agree with pp.
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