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Exposure to the outside world - when is it ok?

Hi All,
I'm in the midst of trying to plan my maternity leave and can't seem to get a straight answer from my Dr.  I own a martial arts school, so bringing my baby to work means putting the baby around 75-100 people each day (mostly kids).  When is it safe to bring the baby to work?  

We have set up a nursery in a separate room at the school so can limit contact with the baby initially.  I am planning on breastfeeding and also can't picture how breast-feeding and working work together.

Thanks for your help!


Re: Exposure to the outside world - when is it ok?

  • Usually it's best to wait to bring baby anywhere until he/she has had their first shots. Even then I wouldn't let people touch or hold the baby for 6 weeks or so. It's just not worth the risk.
  • Our pedi said 2 months. I still wouldn't let everyone hold her, though and never be shy about asking people of they're sick or to wash their hands!
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    I've always exposed them (think church) since the first week. No one holds though. Being in a separate room I think this is a non issue. I dont bf (just use a cover) but I think lack of sleep is going to hit you worse than that.

    If I had an option I think I'd take 4 - 6 weeks off. Then go back part time.

    As further comments mention-avoid the mall. Our dr said really bad for preemie.
  • My doctor said 2 weeks old is ok as long as you're not in crowded enclosed area where germs are on "high". If you're going to take him to work I would suggest after the 2 weeks and make sure baby is covered in the car seat/stroller (to prevent airborne germs from kids coughing or sneezing) from getting directly on baby & keeping baby in the separate room at all times with nobody allowed in to touch baby. Also I would sterilize the room before hand. It's flu season & it's just better to take extra precaution. If you could wait longer than 2 weeks that would be ideal. I waited about a month.
  • I had read 6-8 weeks but the thought of not going out in public for that long was super overwhelming! I asked my pediatrician around weeks and she said I didn't need to isolate myself at home. Just avoid places with a lot of kids - especially if they'd be touching her. But that it was okay to walk around the mall, just maybe going during the weekdays when less crowded. Previous to this we had only gone outside or through drive thrus with her. Now I have taken her to a few stores but don't let anyone touch her and try to keep her mostly covered. Now that she is over 6 weeks, I feel.even better about it (except maybe highly crowded malls during the holidays or around a lot of kids) but she cries a lot so I haven't taken her many places lately!
    I would say baby is okay at work but keep them more isolated and away from the kids until having their shots.
  • When do u plan on returning to work? Newborns breastfeed almost constantly and at 3 1/2 months mine still nurses every 2-3 hours during the day and needs 20-30 minutes per feed. I hope you can make it work with having baby with you. Seems like the ideal situation but it can be tough especially when breastfeeding.
  • I HIGHLY recommend taking a least a few weeks off if possible.  The lack of sleep is staggering in the beginning.  The first 4-5 weeks are a blur and feel like one long day.   Infants feed every 1.5-2 hours around the clock for the first few weeks so you don't get more than 1-2 hours of sleep at a time.

    I terms of germs, I think if you have a separate room that would work.  But keep in mind a high fever when a baby is less than three months can be serious and require a spinal tap. 

    Good luck!
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