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4th year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him?

Hey all,

Not baby related but sometimes it's nice to see threads on here that go into other issues in our lives so I thought I'd throw this one out to the group.

I have no idea what to get my husband for our 4 year wedding anniversary. We have been doing the traditional gifts for each year but honestly I'm stumped. The traditional gift is flowers/fruit.

Now, right away I thought how about those edible fruit flower arrangements, but I'm almost certain my hubby will come up with this idea for me. Second, I thought what about a fruit tree that will flower before bearing fruit, but it's winter so what in the world would I do with a tree until spring? (I guess I could get him a gift card to the plant store for a tree but not as creative). And finally before anyone suggests a bouquet of bacon, oh ya, it's a thing, i did that for valentine's day. Lol

Can ya see where I'm having trouble? Can you all throw your wonderful, creative ideas at me? Please☺

Re: 4th year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him?

  • I saw this thing on Pinterest where you can make paper flowers. We are into comic books, so it'd use comic books.
    As for fruit, I love the idea of a gift card to a nursery for a tree. Perhaps a fruit of the month club?
  • I had planned on getting my dh something from Apple for our 4th year but we are switching it up and doing a joint gift that's an experience we get to enjoy together.
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  • We just did this! I got my husband a whiskey called "four roses" (he's s big whiskey fan) and really cool potted cactus for his office. He got me a sack of baking flour (he's a jokester) and a Roomba (apparently the modern gift is an appliance for year four?) He clearly went over our agreed budget lol

    Good luck and have fun - we love doing this every year :)
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    This is a cool idea and a neat gift for you both. My husband gave me a My Dreamlines sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. They sketch flowers, so you could have a sketch with all three. My sister in law received this for a her 1 year. Love this gift, as it is so personal. Good luck in your search. 
  • I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on bouquet of bacon... Can we revisit this?

    Also you could think about a fruit tree that is still small enough for a large pot until spring.
  • I'm also coming up on our fourth anniversary - 2 weeks from today - in the US it's supposed to be linen/silk. And the modern version is an appliance. I'm at a loss. What can I get him that's linen or silk that he would want? And I can't think of an appliance either. I'm just thinking his gift will be the fact that I should be cleared the Friday right before ;)
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