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  • @mishmardhiono both. Sometimes I just pacify her because I don't have the energy, but lately I've just been matter of fact in shutting her down and she will pout and be all pissy.
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  • LO is 16 weeks as of yesterday and I can count on one hand the # of times my in-laws have come to see her. One of those was because we needed an emergency baby sitter so I could go to the hospital so it doesn't really count. They have another granddaughter who lives 2 hours away and because they rarely get a chance to see her, she's very shy and stand off-ish towards them which always makes my FIL super offended and my MIL cry. I thought things would be different now that they have a granddaughter 20 minutes away but it's the exact same. My MIL calls my husband every day saying how much she misses DD and requesting a thousand pictures. But when DH asks her when she's going to come see her she always has an excuse:

    My MIL was always buying stuff for LO and asking for pics, but I found it so strange and annoying that when she would visit (from out of state), she never wanted to hold him. She finally confessed that she has been battling carpal tunnel, which made her hands go numb unexpectedly, so she was actually afraid to hold him. Not sure why she didn't say anything in the first place, but I'm glad to know (and glad I didn't vent to DH about it).
    She also let us know that her gag reflex would prevent her from changing diapers. <Insert eyeroll emoji here>
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  • Sjeff0816 said:

    @messymolly08 She's only 16 weeks old. There is still plenty of time for them to be apart of her life.

    You do have a point here @Sjeff0816, but to give a little back story as to why this situation is also hitting a nerve with me: we just found out that my dad has very aggressive cancer in his bladder and prostate. DH and I are terrified of what's in store for our family and saddened at the prospect of LO's time with him being cut short. It just reminds us that we should be taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time and make memories together. It also strikes a special nerve with DH because his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was young and still has a (benign) tumor in an area the surgeons couldn't safely get to. This new news with my father brings up a lot of feelings for my DH. So yes, my daughter is only 16 weeks old but there isn't any guarantee that there will be plenty of time for them to be apart of her life. Obviously I don't expect you to know any of this from my original contribution so hopefully this clarifies things.

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