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Please help! Fur baby emergency :(

DH ran over my dog :('' we have no vet in the next few towns. No emergency vets or anything. Idk what to do. He's 150lbs and has many lacerations on his head. Can I give him pain meds? Is there a way to tell if he's ok? I know I sound stupid but he is my first dog and I'm panicking.

Re: Please help! Fur baby emergency :(

  • DH insisted I add he ran over his head slowly. It's raining and we live on a farm. Also this is totally directed @mellymar and @lovethatcolosun because I feel like you would know.
  • How far away is the nearest vet?  Do any of them have an option in their phone system to call the doctor?  I'm so sorry this happened.  All I'd suggest is try calling any/all vets, even far away in hopes of getting a doctor on the phone who may have some sort of direction.
  • I'd call the vet you would normally use and any others to see if they have an emergency line with someone you can talk to. Hope doggy is ok!
  • They don't have emergency vets here and the one in the next town said they can't help me if he isn't a current patient. Somehow vet emergency services aren't offered here unless it's livestock and they won't give us advice on a dog. What kind of shit is that. He said just to watch him close and make him comfortable....duh. The closest hospital is three hours away.
  • ^^ Yup. At the very least I'd go to the one you said told you they wouldn't help unless he's currently a patient. Show up on their doorstep and throw a shit fit until they treat him. If they aren't 24 hours though, I certainly wouldn't wait til morning to do that, I'd start driving to the next closest one. Dogs are our fur children and you wouldn't let your child get run over and spend the night in pain and hope they just walk it off or something.
  • On our way!! Thanks guys. We're Not neglectful I swear. He has a fenced in area and got out somehow. If it were during the day we would have left I'm an instant. We have seven children as well and had to decide to either drive three hours or try and make it until morning. After looking at his injuries we aren't sure he can make the car there either. The more we move him the more he fades :( I'm afraid the car ride may make it worse. It's a pretty intense head injury but we're going to try. Fx it's an easy ride.
  • Fx and prayers to you and your pup. Hoping you guys make it there safely and he hangs in there.
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  • Aww this is so heartbreaking hoping for a good outcome!

  • Praying for your fur baby. Accidents happen. I hope he's alright. Good choice on going to a vet. I definitely couldn't stand by waiting and hoping for the best. Keep us posted.
  • Sending a prayer up for your puppy. So sorry. Good luck!
  • Sending prayers! Keep us updated please!
  • This is so sad! I'm so sorry! Thinking of you, your pup, and your poor DH who I imagine feels absolutely horrible.
  • @devyns2nd I'm so sorry, I hope the dog is ok! I'm sure this is all stressful. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  • Omg I'm so sorry I missed this @devyns2nd

    But all I could have said has been said, get in the car and get to the vet. You wouldn't have wanted to give any pain meds until the dog could be assessed by a vet anyway. Also, anything you could have had around the house would not be strong enough.

    My thoughts are with you and your dog
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  • @devyns2nd I'm so sorry this happened, what a nightmare.  Hoping for a good prognosis!  Keep us posted!
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  • Well we're home and ludo isn't expected to last threw the night. There wasn't anything they could do which was my fear. I wish I had just made him comfortable. He is a very big dog and the ride was rough on him. Thank for everyone's t&ps.
  • Ugh I'm so sorry to hear this @devyns2nd :( this breaks my heart. Praying for you and your fur baby
  • So sorry for you guys :(
  • @devyns2nd I'm so sorry. This breaks my heart. Is he still at the vet on pain meds?
  • Thank you guys! They didn't keep him. They sent us home to let him be comfortable since he's a farm dog and did not like being in the office, even on meds. He's hurting but more calm now that he's home. He's giving out love and seems happy even though he's bad off. He knows he's loved and doesn't seem miserable so I'm glad we brought him back. He have severe brain trauma and the Dr didn't give us much hope but miricales happen. The vet was shocked that he was as responsive to me as he was. Maybe that's a good sign.

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  • Oh @devyns2nd I'm so sorry!! That must have been gut wrenching to not know what to do and no help close by. I'm glad you were able to get him to the vet for pain management. Keeping you all in my prayers.
  • Oh I'm so sorry! Praying for some type of miracle!!!
  • I teared up reading this. So sorry. Thinking of you and hoping for a miracle!
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    I'm so so so sorry @devyns2nd I know you're doing a good job keeping him comfortable and he knows he is so loved.
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  • Prayers to your family and pup!
  • @devyns2nd I'm so sorry to hear this!  Praying for a miracle for your poor fur baby!
  • Oh my goodness...I'm so very sorry. I'm saying lots of prayers that he recovers (like you said, miracles can happen). 
  • I am praying for a miracle for ludo!



  • I've been thinking about you and Ludo all day, @devyns2nd . How are things?
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  • He's about the same. I'm taking him to a different vet today. He has been eating so I feel like that's a good sign. I think they missed his broken leg too. Not happy with the "emergency" vet.
  • Thoughts and prayers @devyns2nd !
  • All my thoughts are with you! Hoping your fur baby gets well soon a d has a speedy recovery.
  • Keep us posted. We're all hoping for a miracle!
  • Thinking of you!
  • @devyns2nd Thanks good news, well as good as can be! Still thinking of you and your family!
  • @devyns2nd Good news! I hope your DH isn't beating himself up. I grew up on a farm and unfortunately these things happen. It doesn't make it easier, but it's not his fault and it really was just an awful accident.
  • @devyns2nd this IS good news! Yay for second opinions! Will keep hoping and sending healing thoughts
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