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  • @Mommaswizz I just finished my cup for tonight... Hopefully I can handle the short drive to DS pre-k.... Only half joking... It gets better once your body begins to eliminate all the junk and gets used to it.... Between the tea and making better food choices I am down about 5 lbs from last weekend so I am feeling good :)
  • @elruby that's freaking awesome!! You're a good motivator for me right now. I need something to shake up all my futile attempts thus far. I literally need the shit kicked out of me.
  • @Mommaswizz be careful what you wish for!

    I think we officially took over this thread lol
  • addingonaddingon
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    I'm about to buy some of this scary magic tea! Saw a pic posted of me from yesterday and I need to do something ASAP!
  • Just got back from combat... Wahoo!!

    thinking about getting a Fitbit hr... Anyone have experience with it?
  • @aresee I can relate. I have chronic bursitis in my left hip for the last four years. I haven't ran in five years and that definitely gets me down. I can walk & swim some but I'm so out of shape. My dr told me to start with just 5-10 min on the elliptical & even that flares my hip up. I have other health issues that aggravate this so I'm not saying this to worry you, just that I can relate. I hope you get your hip feeling better soon! I may have to start up PT again too but I don't really have the time or money for that either.
    Meanwhile I keep eating everything in sight so that's no good. Anyone else deal with their tiredness by eating? I know it's not helping but I keep doing it, falling on some old bad habits again. I've kicked it before so I'm trying to just take some baby steps.
  • I'm fortunate my work has an onsite fitness center, I've been better about working out regularly. And it's actually starting to feel fun again - I used to be super into fitness before getting pregnant, but starting over is hard. I for some reason feel like everything's getting bigger, though, instead of smaller. Maybe it's muscle gain without fat loss since the eating side of things is much harder, at least for me. I'm trying to be patient with myself but ugh this belly flab is super depressing :(
  • Bah! I'm finally coming to this thread after ignoring it for months. My eating is OUT OF CONTROL. I can try and blame BFing, but seriously, I'm just making crappy choices. Before I got pregnant I had lost 45 lbs on Weight Watchers. I gained about 35 lbs during pregnancy. I lost a lot of that, but still have 10-15 lbs left. I don't want to pay for Weight Watchers again. So, I'm doing Simply Filling based off memory. Has anyone else done Simply Filling? Basically, fat free dairy, lean protein, whole grains, veggies, and fruits. I need a Weight Watchers buddy! (Specifically one who uses the app and can look up power foods for me :wink: )
  • ^^@Sjeff0816 ; Zulily has a weight watchers deal right now. I just signed up for the 2 months of online access for $20.  I did weight watchers when i was in high school and wanted to lose 10 lbs (I lol about this now) and I really liked it. I'm hoping maybe I can get back in the swing of it once I get access..

    THANK YOU!!! We can do this!
  • I think I will join you ladies on the WW deal! It really works great and that is such a good price!
  • Does it actually work ?? ^^
    I'm still breastfeeding, would it be good to do?
  • @caitlincunn yes it's perfect for breastfeeding because it actually adjusts your daily target to accommodate the additional calories you need for breastfeeding. I swear by WW... I ordered the 2 months from zulily deal now I am just waiting for the instructions to set it up.
  • @ElRuby awesome, I'll check it out !
  • Thanks for the WW special tip. I've been trying to get DH to do this with me & I'm hoping I can convince him. We both have about 30 lbs to lose. I hope he'll agree. He's so stubborn. My sister did WW while BF & she said it worked well for her.
  • Weight Watchers is amazing. I also swear by it! I'm not sure how the new Smart Points system works, but the old programs were great! I found going to the meetings worked better for me and held me more accountable then the online only version. Anyway, I'm waiting before signing up again because I'm doing pretty well right now on the Simply Filling program from memory! But I may still ask you to look up power points for me! :wink:
  • Here are two awesome Simply Filling recipes I just made if anyone is interested. I'm not sure the points value though!

    White Chicken Chili

  • I jumped on the WW zulily deal too. I've never done WW before, but I do need to clean up my diet! Thanks for the tip!
  • Anyone know when we can activate it? Or how we find out?
  • @elruby I got my voucher last night so I think it takes around 48 hours for them to send it. I'm gonna activate when I get some downtime at work today
  • Once it's activated, does the 2 months start?
  • @Mommaswizz I was hoping to get mine today since Tuesday's have been a good weigh in day for me in the past but I could start on Wednesday too I guess ... Or maybe I should wait for after the holidays lol
  • ElRuby said:

    @Mommaswizz I was hoping to get mine today since Tuesday's have been a good weigh in day for me in the past but I could start on Wednesday too I guess ... Or maybe I should wait for after the holidays lol

    Yeah, I was thinking I'd be setting myself up for failure if I started now. After the holidays will be better for me.

  • I jumped the gun and activated today. I believe the 2 months starts now. I'm hoping it will keep my holiday indulging in check (says the lady grabbing a drink after work with a friend.)
  • I think I found a new workout plan. I'm calling it "carry fat baby" Check out my right arm. It's looking pretty serious . . . And now my biceps and my boobs are both lopsided. Awkward.

  • Oh my lord lady. @henrytviii those guns are fantastic
  • @henrytviii that's awesome! I try to make it a point to switch arms. I usually don't though.
  • I am starting WW today @Mommaswizz should we start a WW thread?
  • Yea!! So happy so many of us are on board!!
  • Ugh it keeps "processing payment" but won't go through.
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