December 2014 Moms

TTC #2...still no AF

Hey Ladies,

have any of you had any luck TTC but still not gotten your periods back?  

I have been trying (actually trying) this month...I've been taking ovulation tests and finally got a positive test about 7-8 days ago.  According to my App i'm not supposed to get my period until next week...however just yesterday I started having a light flow/spotting.

I don't know if this is my period or implantation bleeding.  I'm assuming it's my period and my cycle is all off since it's my first since giving birth.

What do you think? Has anyone experienced anything like this?  I want to take a pregnancy test just to make sure, but if i were to have a normal length cycle this would be too soon to tell anyways, so i'm pretty sure i'll get a negative test.

what would you do?

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