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**Weekly Symptom Thread 11/30-12/6**

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If you want to talk/ask about any symptom or non-symptom please use this weekly thread to do so.

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Re: **Weekly Symptom Thread 11/30-12/6**

  • vinerievinerie
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    Progress: 17Weeks

    Symptoms: The headaches!!! 


    Rants/Raves: ON top of monster headaches, I have a monster cold. ** TMI Alert** I'm coughing up disgusting colored yuckiness. 

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  • Progress (week/day): 16w,1d


    Rants/Raves/Questions: I still dont "feel" pregnant. I mentioned before that I am starting to have fears again that baby has died. My next appointment is next week.. really wish it was this week as the uncertainty is killing me

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  • Progress (week/day): 18+3

    Symptoms: Ouchhhh! Second tri is not as friendly as I wanted it to be. RLP shocks me every time I cough/sneeze/laugh. I'm having other crampies/pinches/pulls. My back is killing me and driving for 6 hours in stop and go traffic yesterday did not help. I'm sitting on a yoga ball at work today but it isn't making a difference. My boobs are sore and I'm finding all bras uncomfortable - even this 36DD I'm rocking is a little tight. Headaches. Also, I'm STARVING all the time.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I'll add a rave - I'm feeling more and more baby movements! Yaay! And my bump is growing. I definitely feel pregnant and despite my complaining, I love it!

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  • Progress (week/day): 17w6d

    Symptoms: Back to the vomiting sickness :(. I think that's mostly due to a nasty cold. Though... I hope. Also, been having some sharp pains in my stomach for the last couple of days.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I am feeling baby movement every day, which is so fun! I was so much farther along with my first before I felt anything, so it's a fun surprise.

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  • I'm dealing with this tight dull feeling in my lower stomach/pelvis area. I think working out for the first time in a week triggered it this morning, then I manually had to close the garage door and stupidly tried to hold the weight of the door while coasting it to the ground. Remind me not to do that again.

    Also still having food aversions and mild nausea, lucky me!
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    Progress: 16 weeks 1 day

    Symptoms: Headaches and acid reflux. My poor esophagus is not happy lately. Rx does not seem to be working at all.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I feel like I've had uncontrollable PMS the past 2 weeks. I just want to scream at everyone for everything, especially my poor husband. Then I want to cry for being so mean. I don't remember acting this crazy with DD.

    *Edit cause I suck at getting gif's to work on my phone. :-(


  • I need to add... Holy effin' leg cramps batman. I've been in pain for the past few hours. Hoping DH gets me that prenatal massage for Xmas...

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  • michaeljessamichaeljessa
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    I'm 17 weeks and 5 days And I've been feeling so much better than I was in the beginning. At 14 and 15 weeks I was having horrible headaches but those have finally gone away and I feel like myself! I'm able to enjoy being pregnant and show off my cute little bump that's forming :) hopefully it stays this way and you ladies start to feel better!
  • Progress (week/day):  14w2d

    Symptoms:  I can't decide if what I'm feeling tonight is gas or RLP.  lol.  Had some weird heartburn and the occasional headache that may or may not be pregnancy related...or lack of caffeine related...or both.  I kind of just tend to relate everything I feel to pregnancy.  Also, I've had restless legs a lot at night lately when I'm just sitting on the couch or laying in bed reading.

    Rants/Raves/Questions:  I *think* I might have felt baby move last night, but it's still early and I wasn't really paying attention when I happened to feel it - so it may be wishful thinking! 

  • Progress: 14wk2d

    Symptoms: still miserable with nausea and vomiting.  Adding headaches 3 of the last 4 days.

    R/R/Q:  Can't wait to feel the baby move!  Hoping to feel it earlier than last time :)
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  • Progress (week/day): 15w2d

    Symptoms: Gas pains, oh man the gas pains, and RLP. My lower abdomen is really going wild the last 24 hours! Lower back and hip pain but that's been going on a while now. No vomiting for 5 days, yaaaaaaay!

    Rants/Raves/Questions: 1 rant, 1 rave.... Rave- I showed DH how you can see the baby move sometimes for the first time today, he didn't even believe it! Rant- Trying to decide on a stroller, there are waaaaay too many options! Yeesh!
  • Progress (week/day): 16 + 2

    Symptoms: Headaches... And I'm always hungry now.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Apparently today may be the day I finally throw up. I felt fine this morning... Gagged brushing my teeth and some of my juice came back up. Yum. I felt fine after that. No issues. Until a few minutes ago when I hiccuped and up came some wonderful tasting stomach acid/throw up. I didn't actually throw up but now I have the taste of it stuck there and it's making me want to. I think I'm going to lunch early to get some toothpaste, fun, mouthwash, whatever. :(
  • If you want to talk/ask about any symptom or non-symptom please use this weekly thread to do so.

    Progress (week/day): 17w3d

    Symptoms: STILL nausea and food aversions.  This is getting ridiculous.  I am also feeling lots of RLP/cramping/sensations in my abdomen.  My sleep has also gone to shit but I just bought a Snoogle which I've heard really helps, so here's hoping!

    Oh, and the tears.  OMG, the tears.  I cry on average twice a day.  I have to change the channel if a remotely sad song comes on the radio.  I can't watch any Publix holiday commercials.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: We found out yesterday that we are having a boy!  Which is wonderful in and of itself, but I feel like it has changed my outlook on pregnancy.  It is hard to describe, I obviously knew I was pregnant, but I thought of it in a very abstract way.  After our ultrasound I looked at my husband and said, "We have a son."  It's a cool feeling.

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  • Progress: 15w3d

    Symptoms: Gas, nausea, heightened sense of smell, dizziness, food aversions galore! I just had cereal for lunch...its the only thing I could stomach. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: RANT! I have a stupid eye infection and feel like its ruining my life (slight exaggeration but its awful). Its so itchy, runny, gooey...just a disgusting nuisance. Antibiotic drops haven't done anything after 5 days so now I'm going find a walk-in clinic (since my dr. is booked solid). Walk-in clinics are a breeding ground for nasty germs and colds so I am not looking forward to a long wait. Wish me luck that the wait is short and I can get this infection resolved once and for all. *Rant over* 
  • Week: 14 and 4 days

    Symptoms: Headaches (migraine) last nightand still feeling pukey often..

    Rants: OB office deciding to call me up a week and a half before to tell me they decided not to do an ultra sound at my 16 week appointment. Its not needed but I was so lookong foward to seeing my little munchkin :/
  • I'm having fewer headaches slowly, but surely. My boobs are still sensitive and feel heavy like if I had skipped a pump or something; I have some colostrum if I hand express which makes me wonder if this heaviness is just my new normal until breastfeeding actually starts up again. I'm getting lots of RLP and some BH contractions if I push myself too hard. My hip and back pain is getting better since switching my workouts to include a bunch of deep squats and sitting criss-cross style with a straight back more often.

    I'm loving the baby movements. It's especially surreal to feel the baby move while holding DS.

    Not at this point of movement yet...but it's entertaining.

  • If you want to talk/ask about any symptom or non-symptom please use this weekly thread to do so.

    Progress (week/day): 15w4d

    Symptoms: acid reflux, headaches

    Rants/Raves/Questions: TMI...so I got this bump down yonder that I discovered on our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge/Nashville, TN last month (figures). I thought for sure it was a gnarly ingrown hair because well, to be honest I've shaved for special occasions and OB appts so it wouldn't have surprised me. I put hot compresses down there and applied some tea tree oil hoping it would pop open and...nothing! About two weeks later it practically disappeared (still there but not so noticeable) so I didn't bother bringing it up to my ob. Well, it's back. Same place, same size starting out, growing to the same size...I'm pretty sure it's a subaceous cyst, and I've got an appt with my ob next week so I've set a million and one reminders to talk to him about it...but just wondering if anyone else has experienced one of these suckers in their southern region and if so, if you've got any advice as to what I can do to make this thing more comfortable.

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  • Bluejay3030Bluejay3030
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    Today is attempt 3 at going off diclegis. So far it isn't going well. TMI? I hacked up stomach acid this morning and have been on the verge of vomiting for real all day since. So much nausea......... Ugh, I need this to work, because those drugs are seriously expensive. Even the pharmacists look horrified when they tell me the price of a refill.
  • @Bluejay3030 I'm so so sorry that you still aren't feeling well, I can't even imagine. Wish I could be of more help but instead, I can offer you an internet hug. I hope you feel better soon and come off of that stuff!
  • Thanks @ncm0328! I hope so too :). I guess I'm not there yet, but I'll try again in a couple of weeks.
  • Progress (week/day): 15wk2

    Symptoms: feeling heart pumping VERY intensely.. its distracting. Even when I go to bed, I can't sleep on the side because its so loud it keeps me awake. I've had a heart condition, but every time I bring it up to my cardiologist, he says it's nothing to be worried about. Is this a pregnancy thing?

    Rants/Raves/Questions: My question is just if anyone else is experiencing anything like this?

  • Progress (week/day): 15 weeks tomorrow (12/4)

    Symptoms: Holy headaches (tension and migraine). I had a tension headache from Monday until last night. It sucked. RLP, primarily when I get up fast or sneeze. I am also getting up at least 2x per night to pee. 

    Rants/Rave/Questions: I've had two strangers today come up and ask me if I'm pregnant. So, I'm definitely showing now!

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  • AliciaD39 said:
    Progress (week/day): 15wk2

    Symptoms: feeling heart pumping VERY intensely.. its distracting. Even when I go to bed, I can't sleep on the side because its so loud it keeps me awake. I've had a heart condition, but every time I bring it up to my cardiologist, he says it's nothing to be worried about. Is this a pregnancy thing?

    Rants/Raves/Questions: My question is just if anyone else is experiencing anything like this?

    I believe its because of increased blood production. Try not to worry.

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  • Thanks @yogahh.

    Also - for anyone who can't stop crying, these Faith in Humanity ones always leave me weeping -

  • Progress (week/day): 17 wks & 5 days

    Symptoms: You know what goes great with nausea.... acid reflux. It's manageable though. What's really new and nagging is the shortness of breath and rapid heart rate spells I get. I know I need to drink more water (I feel like a fish already). Drinking more water will also help with my sinus drainage (Sorry if that's TMI but my nose is always running. If it's not out my nostrils its down by throat). 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: My energy level is so much better this trimester. I've actually been able to run errands and get things done after work. Small wins make a huge difference. 

    Funtimes GIF (optional): Because The Wiz Live comes on tonight and I'm excited!! image
    Me: 31 | DH: 33
    DD: 05/14/16
    Baby #2 EDD: 12/23/19
  • @AliciaD39 The heart pounding and palpitations happened to me when I was pregnant with DD. It started before I knew I was pregnant, so I went to see a cardiologist. After running tests and determining that everything was fine, he suggested I might be pregnant. Turns out he was right lol. Anyway, it eventually went away on its own, but I know what you mean. It was incredibly annoying, especially when I was trying to sleep!
  • New symptom!
    Today I sneezed and peed on myself for the first time.... Yay!
    Me: 31 | DH: 33
    DD: 05/14/16
    Baby #2 EDD: 12/23/19
  • New symptom! Today I sneezed and peed on myself for the first time.... Yay!
    Your first Sniss!! Welcome to the club!!

  • Progress (week/day): 16 Weeks 1 Day

    Symptoms: RLP and some shooting pains off and on down there.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Raves- feeling like what might be baby movement and not gas! Question/ GIF- How do I post one?! I want to be part of the fun but cant figure it out and cant even find the funny ones you guys do. Help please! :)

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  • @auntiecre5 To post a GIF on a computer, copy the image url, click the image button in the reply box, and paste the url there. To post a GIF on mobile, copy the image URL, then in the reply box type <*img src= IMAGE URL> You'll actually leave out the asterisk though (if I don't put it there now, it thinks I have an image), and paste the actual image url where it says IMAGE URL. 

  • Progress: 15 weeks

    Symptoms: Ugh. The nasty brown bleeding. Super gross. Not a lot, but last week, it was a bit heavier. Doc just found some blood clots, far from the baby, but not concerned. I've brown spotted since 1st trimester. I hate it.
    Light-headed after eating.

    Rant: See above.
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