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Monday Bitchfest

Let it out here!
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  • My husband is more interested in playing his xbox one than setting up the nursery. The box for the crib is still in the living room so I am going to haul it upstairs myself along with the playpen and see if I can put them together. I also have to try and haul big pieces of furniture out the baby room today. I hope this gets done before he comes home from work today. Yesterday my mom was on the phone fussing at him and was going to come over to help with my grandma but he said he would do it! I don't want to argue with him again I might hurt him
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  • When my SO and I moved into this mobile home park, they told us it was a quiet neighborhood and everyone kept to themselves...
    Lies- the owners are never here to hear the loud bull crap these people do.

    At 9:45am, someone somewhere is listening to music so loud I can hear it at my home.
    People drive by with their bass system cranked up.

    I've looked at the lease, we are responsible in talking to the people, not them.
    I'm not about to walk around this neighborhood trying to find out where this music is coming from...
    But, seriously, if I have to keep turning up my tv so I can actually hear my tv instead of this crappy music, then there is a problem.
    (Note: it is not the neighbors on any side of me)

    -whiny rant over-
  • I slept for maybe 3 hours last night. For the past week my heart burn has been beyond miserable. I take Prilosec, tums & drink whole milk.. It does NOTHING for me .. I can't lay down without my throat being on fire .. Speaking of on fire .. My FEET are on fire right as I'm ready to lay down and go to bed. My husband runs lotion on them and it helps for 2 minutes until the lotion dries. I am so hot and sweaty at night.. I can't sleep unless I'm sitting straight up because the heart burn.. I pee every 30 minutes sometimes a hour if I'm lucky... I seriously want to just cry today. Last night has been the worse so far. I turned my a/c way down.. It was 65 degrees in my house with my fan blowing full blast on me .. Did nothing for me.. My husband was freezing last night and I bundled my 4 year old up in sweats and put two big covers over him.. At 3am I went to check on him because he was coughing all night long and he now has a fever ... I feel so bad for him.. Idk what to do
  • ^ I slept for 2.5 hours total last night if I'm lucky... I'm sitting at work trying to figure out how I will make it until 5 ;(
  • My 2 yr old is going through a "not really listening" phase and it is driving me up the wall. This morning he wouldn't take his jammies off until I started to do it, then he insisted that he do it himself. Too bad kid, you had your chance. He naturally threw a fit, got poop everywhere, and is now telling me that he's happy. Kid, at the moment, I don't really care if you are happy, all I want is for you to do something when I tell you to do it, not 10 minutes later when you feel like it. He is also putting all of his toys in his mouth again like he did when he was 6 months old. Kid, you are almost 3, knock it off.
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  • I haven't bought anything for baby yet no diapers clothes. . Car seat stroller.. mostly the necessary items. I have a birthday on the 11th mines the 15th and Christmas and then baby is due in January.. so, yeah seriously not feeling the Christmas spirit..
  • I'm just so goddamn sore. Last night I barely slept because whatever hip I was lying on would hurt after about an hour, then trying to turn over and even that split second on my back gives me the worst RLP. Normally once I get up and have a shower I'm good to go but I still feel like an old lady that needs two hip replacements. There's literally no position that eases the pain.
  • @carlyhammond - I hear you on the noise front!  We live in an apartment building downstairs from a maniac who stomps around in high heels all hours of the day and night and upstairs from another maniac who has techno music dance parties that vibrate our floors and watches boxing matches with, shall we say, a lot of enthusiasm?  My husband and I are jokingly looking forward to a crying baby being our revenge, haha.  ;)

  • I am being tested for Pre-E. I have gained 6lbs in the last 2 weeks. I have horrible swelling all over. So my OB is testing my kidney function and my Endo wants me to do the 24 hour urine test. I did the kidney function blood work and initial pee test today, but I'm worried because I have most of the signs and symptoms of Pre-E. My work has put me on restrictions without my doctor even telling them to because they are concerned. So we find out all the info tomorrow at my weekly ultrasound and OB harassment session.
  • My 11 month old is pushing his luck on whether or not he will make it to that first birthday... I'm exhausted, my sciatic nerve is pinched so bad I can barely move (let alone walk and pick him up to save him from imminent catastrophe), and the little punk decides today is the day that he's not taking a nap. No nap at all... Time for a drive to the farthest coffee shop away (you know, the one with a drive thru so I don't wake the then-sleeping monster).
  • Another bitchfest....
    I have a "minor" heart condition- it's not serious it's just a bother. It's a premature atrial contraction- basically part of my heart beats before the rest so I get a flutter feeling in my chest.
    Well, the past three days it's been bothering me, taking my breath away and causing some serious discomfort in my chest.
    It hasn't bothered me since it was diagnosed about 2-3 years ago. When I went to the cardiologist he told me there was really nothing they could do, and what makes it worse is - stress,anxiety, caffeine, drugs/alcohol...
    I stopped drinking caffine, I've never been in the drugs/alcohol scene....
    So, guess what's causing it... Lucky winner = Stress/anxiety!!

    A few minutes ago my heart beat so hard that it caused back pain. I'm super sleepy today (I didn't sleep last night and it's rainy today) .. I basically feel like crap today.

    If I don't make money soon, or if SO doesn't let me buy a crib or limits what I need for the baby one more time my heart is going to beat it's way into a heart attack I swear.
    My chest ( over my heart ) is sensitive to the touch.
    Wish me luck :-/

    We moved from an apartment because our neighbors were ridiculous - they would beat on the walls, tell at their kids, play war video games (on the loudest setting possible), bounce balls in the house - against the wall mostly... We continuously complained about them... It would stop for a few days then it would stop again.
    - also, there was a young guy who bought this crappy old mustang who thought he was all that and a bag of chips - he installed a muffler on it and he would park on the front row by the apartments, crank it up, rev it up for over an hour causing all the windows to rattle... He did this all hours of the night/day.
    We couldn't take it anymore. So we moved here. It's not as bad here but I mean if I can hear your music in my house over my tv there's a problem.
  • SO did not drop all the bags/boxes off at the thrift store last week like he was supposed to, so they are piled sky high in my SUV.  He has also piled a bunch of other crap in there that he was supposed to take to storage.  Hey Butthead!  We actually NEED that space for other a second baby.  Fix your shit!

    DS2 will NOT nap today, but he's gotten so tired that's he's started biting.  So, he's in his bed CIO because I've tried everything else.  Mommy needed a time out.

    3-5 inches of snow today.  Everyone is all "zomg! It's snowing and cold!" And I'm over here like, "It's SD.  Why are you surprised?  It's going to keep happening until like April. It was cold and snowing last year, and I'm willing to bet it will next year, too.  Snow sucks.  Bah HUMBUG!"

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  • I want a week where I don't have to get bloodwork done! After drinking the GD drink four times, vomitting twice and having diarrhea at the lab I found out today I don't have GD, yes! But now I have to do bloodwork to check my kidneys for pre-e. Also I have had a sinus infection for a week now and just want to feel better.
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  • My husband always seems to work overtime on days that I'm tired and sore and the dog didn't go to daycare... Leaving tired sore waddling me to walk the crazy dog when I get home from work (I work full time too) guess what honey? That lovely casserole I told you I was going to make...? Dream on!
    And my effing cat keeps peeing on my sofa!!!
  • Monilee1017 When I did the 3 hour test about an hour in I had the worst diarrhea of my life!  It happened to be at the worst part of my constipation though so after the fact I was glad it happened! 
  • My two year old was a sleep deprived zombie yesterday, and took forever to go to bed last night. As soon as he did, my least favorite dog goes batshit crazy barking at nothing, thus waking up my son at almost 11pm. Needless to say I am tired today. It is cold and rainy. I have probably 20 errands to run and my DH is sick and exhausted and DS is in a whiny mood. I just want someone to put my laundry away for me.

  • My DH left this morning for training in Chicago that his work sent him to, he's going to be gone until Friday. As I lay in bed (ahem, yes It's only 730pm. But I'm tired!!) I realize how much I already miss him and I just want him back to snuggle me!!!
  • More of a funny bitch post, but my 110 lb pit bull keeps farting... She has only two reactions to her own farts; 1) get up and run away, terrified, or 2) look at my son as if it's his fault, then walk away disgusted... Either way, she has got the most revolting, gag-worthy, lingering farts I've ever smelled in my life. I'm amazed y'all can't smell them from wherever you're located. Seriously.
    OMG!  I am right here with my English bulldog.  His farts are horrid, we've tried changing foods and everything, but they are room-clearing. 

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  • I'm on the bitch about the dog train today too! Out 9month old lab is being a little shit lately. He keeps ripping the dryer vent off the back of the house. DH is loosing his mind. The Christmas tree is up and now we are in training mode for the no touching of the tree, which he is doing okay with. But tonight he is gone nutso, and I'm alone with him. I can't walk him anymore because he pulls too much and Imit makes me strain too much, and it's dark when I get home so the dog park is a no go. So my only option is kicking the ball for him to chase in the backyard. Thankfully DH only works 5 days of a month that I work so we don't have these days often, but for serious, it's getting harder, and I give up.
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  • nickicb7 said:

    The Christmas tree is up and now we are in training mode for the no touching of the tree, which he is doing okay with.

    Baby gate around the tree. Best thing I've ever done. The tails on these monsters are like baseball bats... and really, they're just assholes most days. Too curious for their own good. My problem(s) this year is that I'm too pregnant to give a rat's ass about a Christmas tree, my house is way too small for both the couch and the tree (let alone the kids and stuff for the new baby), and I have this god-awful premonition of my soon-to-be 1 year old teaming up with my asshole dogs to destroy my house/Christmas tree...

  • @nickicb7 have you tried doggy daycare? I bring my dog twice a week and it helps her get her crazies out SO much! Helps me keep my sanity too!
  • Oh I also might hurt the Xbox one while I'm at it!!!

    My husband did this! I picked up the controller one day and, even though there was a serious learning curve, I made it my bitch. Then whenever husband was playing for so long that I was getting pissed, I'd join in and totally trounce him. I think it took the fun out of it. :smiley:

    Now we play together occasionally. It's kind of awesome. We bet chores on who wins.
  • Went to the mall today to find something to wear for my maternity pics later this week. Bought a cute dress from forever 21 (I'm 36, lol) but it's lacey and really nice and cheap :)...left the mall and as I head to my car I realized my tom ford sunglasses that I LOVE weren't on top of my head!!! Called the store within 30 min and of course nobody turned them in. I never lose things so I'm just annoyed at myself for not paying attention after leaving the fitting room. My $20 dress is now close to a $250 dress...ugh! I know things could be worse but I'm just annoyed
  • Doing last minute lesson plans. I would rather drag my face against a sheet of sand paper and then put a rag soaked with rubbing alcohol on it.
  • I was hospitilized for a week with a kidney infection and the flu, and I was super dehydrated and didn't drink for 4 days. Naturally my mouth dried up and the sides got sores on them. Well one side scabbed really bad and I peeled it off (sorry gross yes I know) and now it won't go away. And it's at the part of my mouth where the scab that'll form rips open when I open my mouth very wide. Eating hurts. Talking hurts. Basically I hate everything.
  • @miranderp that's actually a great idea! I do everything even kitty litter maybe this will motivate him!
  • I'm trying to buy the stroller I want on and it's giving me a message saying that there is a line for my item.  All the other colors are out of stock.  Why am I waiting in line when I'm online shopping!? UGH!
  • I'm still fighting all day "morning sickness" and I'm due in 7 weeks! I can't roll over in bed without getting violently sick, no less make it through the day with my middle school students. I'm so over all of the pain--I actually pulled a muscle in my ribs this week, and baby is so active that I feel like I am being beaten up from the inside out. I have a lovely cycle going: I get sick, she gets unhappy and starts kicking, that triggers Braxton hicks, and the pain from that makes me sick, and we start again. Ugh.
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