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Unpaid maternity

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just came for advice, everyone pregnancy different and you can your leave whenever, I'm taking mines for health reason and complications, got my answers ...thanks

Re: Unpaid maternity

  • There are lots of ways to make money but it really depends on your skill set. Good with kids? Do some babysitting. Can you type? There are sites where you get paid per the specific typing task. Is there a place looking for seasonal help where you could work while your fiance is home with the baby?


  • A lot of retail stores hire extra help around now. They may have already done their hiring but could be worth a try. Though obviously that would depend on how your pregnancy is going if a job like that would be ok for you.
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  • My mom was mostly a SAHM until I was old enough to go to kindergarten and we lived off my dad's youth minister salary. She cleaned houses, taught aerobics part time, would sell jewelery, sold little crafts. Those things separately didn't bring in much but together they brought in enough to keep us afloat on my dads tiny salary
  • Can't you work longer like 38 weeks at least?
  • What is your job and what are you qualified to do? It's difficult to offer suggestions without knowing a thing about you.
  • I'm also going on unpaid maternity leave, but I plan on working up until I go into labor (provided I don't have any complications, knock on wood). Could you work longer than 34 weeks? How long is your maternity leave for?
  • I agree with most everyone else, work until you can't! I'm personally going to work until I go into labor so I can use my time off with my little one. I do however realize that not everyone has a smooth pregnancy, and can't do the same.
  • I'm in the same boat but I am going on leave at 37.5 weeks.. Wait until you're unable to work anymore to go out. Why so early?
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    I'm taking my leave early due to health reason, I decided that's what best everyone pregnancy and situations different
  • So since you are taking off work for health reasons then it sounds like you probably shouldn't be working. If you have extra items that you don't need maybe you can sell stuff online that may not be too strenuous but even with that you have to label boxes etc. If because of your health reason your doctor said not to work then it's probably your best bet to rest up. We could be suggesting activities that are not appropriate for your particular situation which only you know the details of.
  • I'm taking my leave early due to health reason, I decided that's what best everyone pregnancy and situations different

    In that case, it sounds like there isn't much you can really do. As PP said, we don't know your limitations which makes suggestions unwise.
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  • If it's for health reasons, do you qualify for temporary disability?  In California you're eligible for 4 weeks prior to your due date, I believe, if your doctor signs off.  Maybe look into what's available in your state and consult with your dr?

    Otherwise, the only temporary money making options I can think of are physical (dog walking, babysitting, etc.) and probably wouldn't work if you're having health issues.

    Good luck!
  • I don't have paid maternity leave but in NJ they allow us to get money through temporary disability, you could look into something like that. I assume that while you can't do your regular job for health reasons you think there are other maybe less active jobs that you can do. Unfortunately I don't know what those might be. Maybe you could go to a temp agency and get like a few admin placements.
  • When you say health complications, do you mean that you have decided not to work to better your health, or your doctor has ordered you not to work? If your doctor has written you out then you may be eligible for disability.
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