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Contractions when I stand up...?

Hello all! Im 32w5d and have been showing some symptoms of preterm labor over the past two weeks. I was at my doctor on Monday and she hooked me up to all the machines, ran tests, and said that I am losing my mucus plug, but the leaking isn't anything to be concerned about yet especially since at that point I was still closed. This morning I woke up and am having contractions every time I stand up. I'm a STM and don't ever remember it being like this with my first (I know, I know "every pregnancy is different"). He gave me a scare a couple times in my last month, but went full term. I just don't know what to do to stop it!

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  • I think I'd go to OB triage to be monitored.
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  • I had contractions every time I stood up a couple of weeks ago turned out they were strong braxton hicks brought on by irritable uterus. Was told to take things easy for a few days/a week and luckily they went away and haven't retuned - probably all just a sigh you need to take things slower or face a pre-term labour.
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    So I've had about 9 contractions since 6:30am, and now not just when I stand up. Nothing that I necessarily feel the need to call my doctor over since the last one was around an hour ago. But I've definitely been feeling her move down/try to center herself. I've decided that if this continues tomorrow I'll call the doctor.
  • I was diagnosed with irritable uterus at 26 weeks and put on modified rest. I would still call your dr in the morning but definitely take it easy the rest of the day, guzzle water, and feet up as much as possible.
  • Update! I went to the doctor on Monday because I was still having horrible contractions that were about 30 minutes apart. I know that they sound far apart still, but I'm only 32 weeks! Long story short, doctor ran some tests and did an exam, said I'm not in labor. She did an fft (?) and that came back negative. But I'm still having contractions (serious cramping and lower back pain). Plus baby is lowering. I remember this feeling from baby #1. So who the heck knows what is actually going on. My SIL is convinced that baby will show up by Christmas. That's a month early!!
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