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Weekend vents/awesomeness

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Share whatever is bugging you or what has happened that is awesome for you!

I still am not feeling well. My allergies are kicking my butt and to top it off I have edema very badly in my legs. So bad I can press my fingers into it and it takes it a minute to resolve back to normal. So I messaged my OB, MFM and Endo. SO and I got me compression stockings as well as a pillow to keep my legs up when I'm at home. We are moving right now so this is all awful.
Also there are too many people defensive on FB about Christmas. It's entertaining, but seriously some people need hugs and a cookie.

Edit;I also suck at typing and auto correct hates me.

Re: Weekend vents/awesomeness

  • Awesomeness: went to a trans Siberian orchestra concert today and it was awesome

    Vent: about 10 minutes away from the house I started having stomach pains (like poop) that were so bad I thought I was gonna puke. Sitting in the bathroom still because I don't know if I'm gonna puke or not. If I got food poisoning again it will be the second time this week and the 4th time in 10 weeks. I'm so done having a sensitive stomach.
  • Awesomeness: we are moving in a week and have all the rooms except our room packed up and ready to go! Plus we groomed our cats into their lion cut so there is a lot less hair around the house! Such a productive weekend!

    Vent: it was rainy this weekend so the dog is super bored. She hates going for walks in the rain, so now I have to listen to her bored, whiny butt. And it's supposed to rain the rest of this week....
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    Awesomeness: in Chicago right now for fun and went on our one of few dates left with my husband before the baby comes. Also, Really learned to appreciate my in laws this weekend. I think our relationship is much better.

    Vent : the Ohio state University won and we (University of Michigan) sucked :(. I am now throwing up again especially if I eat "too much" which isn't even that much.
  • Awesomeness: had a nesting day where I got a ton of stuff done around the house. It made me feel very productive. Christmas shopping is also done and wrapped.

    Vent: I feel like crap. We've been eating out every day since Wednesday and I feel like I'm huge and putting on a ton of weight from poor food choices. Then last night my husband brought home a piece of cake from his dinner out. Normally I would have loved to have eaten it but I felt like crap last night and the thought of ever eating again makes me want to cry. I'm not one of those women that can eat without abandon. I feel guilty and want to throw up.
  • Awesomeness: It was DH's birthday yesterday. We had some awesome barbeque with his family and had fun. He was happy with how is bday turned out.

    Vent: it took me until 2am to feel like I'd digested enough to actually go to bed hah. Then his alarm went off at 6:30 for him to go to work. It woke me up of course and I've been awake since.
  • Awesomeness: love getting in the Christmas spirit! We went to a holiday festival yesterday and it was a blast and we got our tree and decorated.

    Vent: my husband leaves for a business trip tomorrow for 3 weeks eek.
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    Awesomeness: I have gotten more done around the house the last four days than I have this entire pregnancy. I even decorated for Christmas.

    Vent: My body aches 24/7. It used to not start until around 4pm, but now I wake up like this. Stiff, sore and achy are not my thing.

    ETA: forgot my vent
  • Awesomeness: My 14 month old has been sleeping until 9am most of the week.  Also, Wednesday is my bday, and we will be decorating all the things.

    Vent:  Most of my decorations are still in GA.  It's supposed to snow 3-5 inches tonight, and I have a dr appt first thing in the morning.  I hate driving in the snow b/c I never had to until last year.

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  • Awesomeness: house inside and out are decorated for Christmas (not as over the top as usual but it will have to do this year, I am out of energy and my toddler is not decoration friendly lol) and I just got back from our mini-session getting my sons Christmas pictures taken and I can't wait to see how they came out!

    Vent: yesterday I spent 5 hours in the car all to appease my mother in law who is a giant pain in my ass!!!!
  • Awesomeness: I've had a productive crafting weekend, made a load of Christmas cards and did a load of sewing for my baby's cross stitch birth announcement. Also almost finished my Christmas shopping (selected gifts for everyone, not bought). 

    Vent: Hubby has to go away with work for a couple weeks, and will be missing our birthing class. 
  • Awesomeness: It was my birthday yesterday and OH, sister and friends had arranged a surprise baby shower/birthday party for me. It was amazing and me and little one got so spoilt! I will pop some cheeky pics on of what we got! :)

    Vent: I don't particularly have one but if anything this little ones bum is constantly sticking out and I have feet in my ribcage. Not the most comfortable but nothing I want to complain about!

  • Awesomeness: I think I'm actually set for my son's first birthday (at least "stuff" wise, emotionally, just nope). Also Michigan State football absolutely rocked it, and University of Michigan lost, so our standings are great and we're heading to the Big 10!
    Vent: SO and his cousins are extremely spontaneous. They decided that we were all going to see the Christmas lights at the zoo yesterday (they decided this about a half hour before we had to leave). It was f-ing cold, I've never seen lines so long before, it cost us a small fortune, and it was wayyyy after my son's bed time... I had contractions through the entire thing. Now I'm exhausted and my crotch, hips, and lower back hurt so bad I can barely walk!
  • Awesomeness: I get a break from one kiddo today. Might actually get some Christmas shopping or cleaning done.

    vent: hubbys best friend passed away in a freak accident yesterday. We've slept very little, cried our butts off, and just trying to mourn. People keep texting asking if we are ok. It's getting annoying. Like yes we are ok but we have to grieve just like everyone else. Just give us a few days.
  • Awesomeness:  Thanks to a wonderful poster on this board, I found a car seat and stroller combo for like $170!  I am so happy to have the car seat off of the to do list.  I also ordered a cute shower dress, thanks to an amazon gift certificate that a coworker gave me for my birthday, and I'm excited for the shower coming up next Sunday.

    Vent:  I am SO behind on the projects I want to finish before the baby gets here.  We still have to finish putting the nursery together and buy a crib, but we have car repairs to pay off first so that'll be delayed another week or two.  I'm also trying to finish my first novel, which should be about 60,000-70,000 words, and I was hoping to make a giant dent this last week, since it was supposed to be off work for 9 days, but I ended up working to make extra money and only had Friday and yesterday to write, so I'm only at about 27,000 words.  I should be happy I'm that far, but I'm just being really hard on myself.  Incidentally, hormones have been hitting me HARD lately.  I can't read the news anymore without crying, I broke down sobbing to my husband yesterday morning because I couldn't stop being grumpy and rude to him, for no reason, and I've not wanted to socialize with any of my friends because I feel so emotional and SO ready for this pregnancy to be over and baby to be here.  I just need to take deep breaths and calm down because I still have exactly 9 weeks to go.  It's just so frustrating to know that my emotional ups and downs are hormone related but to be unable to actually do anything about it.  Sigh.  63 days left!  I can do it!  (Sorry this vent ended with a self pep talk, haha.)
  • Vent: SO's 22nd birthday party was last night. He was worried about people not coming so he said whoever wanted to come could, and they could bring whoever. It ended up being over 50 obnoxious people that I haven't even seen since high school. When I finally decided I wanted to go to bed there was a group of girls crying and fighting in our bedroom. Um? Get out. Go home. What the heck.
    3 fights broke out. SO got sick. It was just. Ugh.

    Sidenote- I informed him nights like these will be long over once baby is here. He said "I know that's why we needed to get it all out tonight." I'll be taking that as we won't be having a NYE party *fingers crossed*.

    Awesomeness: I finally convinced myself to get ready since I've been in the third tri. Curled my hair, actually took more than 15 minutes on my makeup, stuffed myself into pre-pregnancy pants (they didn't button but thankfully maternity shirts are basically dresses). As much as I wanted everyone to get the hell out of the house, I was definitely showing off for a while. Bragplaint, I recieved a lot of "omg you have the glow!"
  • Awesomeness: I'm relaxing on the couch watching The Office right now, and loving every second of it!

    Vent: I've been annoyingly emotional last night and today. I keep spiraling and telling myself negative things, which I hate but feel like I can't help at the same time. I wish I could be more carefree rather than analyzing every little thing. I'm driving myself, and probably also my ex who I've been texting about it, crazy. Basically I'm just hating my feelings.
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  • Awesome: 5 days off, and hubby took me Black Friday shopping at carters.

    Vent: I hosted thanksgiving for 14... It was not fun. I'm too pregnant for this shit! My baby shower prob. Won't be until mid January and it's making me very anxious, because everyone keeps telling us not to buy anything else until after, but I'm worried he will come early and I won't have everything I need!!!
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