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Best night time nappies for toddlers? Tips on staying dry?

I'm in Australia and just wondering what the best night time nappies for a girl toddler 15 months might be? She's 11kg and just started wetting through at night. We moved her up a nappy size and she still overflows it! I think it's because she goes to sleep with a full belly and then her tummy deflates over the night, making the nappy loose? Not sure though. It's summer here so she's drinking a lot of water all day.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

Re: Best night time nappies for toddlers? Tips on staying dry?

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    With my older daughter I used Pampers. night time diapers, but I can't find those anymore these days. They might have stopped making those or renamed them something... Now with this baby girl we use Huggies. Overnites and they are great. They have a scrunchy party on the back that I feel holds all the moisture really well. You could put her in 2 diapers to prevent overfilling.... Correct size on the inside and one size up on the outside.
  • We like Huggies Snug and Dry for our daughter. Same age. We usually size her up a little ahead of the weight recommendations and that's helped prevent overflows as long as we keep the legs on snugly.
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  • Naty by Nature... the best hands down.
  • And they don't have the toxic chemicals that pampers and Huggins have. They are different but are amazing. Get them on do the autos hip and save $.. use this referral code for more savings.VC525470 . I've been using them for 19 months and will never switch
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    Honestly I think the best diaper depends on your babies shape and size. My aunt declares that Luvs are the best diapers, but I honestly have found that for my baby's tall frame and super fat thighs the Target brand of diapers is best. I think you have to buy small packages and experiment.
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  • I use one size larger than daytime and it works for us.
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