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Throbbing Pain in Ribs

Hello January moms! I'm 32 weeks along and have started getting a throbbing pain in my right set of ribs. Sometimes it's one point of paint and other times they're all throbbing just on the right side. Has anyone experienced this and have something that helps?

Re: Throbbing Pain in Ribs

  • Me too!! I'm also 32 weeks. I had this last time but it's more painful this time. Usually on the right but now starting to travel to the left. I think/assume it's just my ribs spreading. It's usually at night and lasts a couple days and then gets better. But today it has been constant. I just deal with it and try to find positions that help. I lay on the opposite side from the one that hurts and straighten my top leg out and that is usually comfortable enough for me to sleep for a couple hours before having to switch sides. During the day there isn't much I can do for it other than get up and walk around but that tires me out and I end up back on the couch. Good luck, let me know if you find any positions that are helpful.
  • I too suffer from rib pain...mostly on the right as well. It super sucks and the only time I get relief is when I'm lying down in bed or standing/walking. Sitting is the worst! The one thing I've been doing (especially at work) is using the heating pad...bc my back ribs start to hurt really bad when sitting at work. It gives me temporary relief but I mostly end up just moving around.
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  • Okay- this is also a sign of preeclampsia (occasionally) as I found out today- as I also have this pain, so always good to tell your doctor just incase.
  • I'm also 32 weeks and have this pain, but I woke up early yesterday morning to baby kicking at them, so I think she does that while I'm sleeping and causes them to be sore all day!
  • Just wanted to check back in and say that I notice it gets worse around the time I have to go out a hook on my bra straps. So maybe it's partly growing pains...?
  • I've woken up in the middle of the night with serious pain in my entire rib cage on 2 separate occasions, a few weeks apart. Nothing would stop the pain. After doing some research, it sounded like my ribs were spreading making room... I am measuring ahead. Last evening, not long after supper, I felt the pain again.. First time while being awake. It was awful, painful and extremely uncomfortable. I ended up throwing up my supper but thankfully being bent over the toilet, the pain left. It was so strange. I figure with all the pressure happening up there plus a full stomach, it wasn't a good mix.
  • This is not something to take lightly. This is the main symptom of HELPP and pre e. I had this and was sent straight to L&D for testing. Turns out it was just gallbladder issues for me but if you have pain in your right side under your ribs go see you dr asap just in case!
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