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Is anyone any good at baby mapping? She was breech two weeks ago at my ultrasound. I'm 30+6 and I have tried doing some of the spinning babies inversions but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if she's flipped or not. She's mostly laying at a diagonal, and I will feel a big bulge on my right side above the belly button and I get lots of movement and flutters down below my belly button. I keep using my heart Doppler and the heartbeat is usually to the left and just below my belly button. I'll also feel a lot of pressure and bulge right at my belly button, like she's pushing her body away from my spine out through my belly.
Any help for identifying her position?

Re: Baby Mapping

  • Hmm. 

    The firm bulge up by your belly button, when you push on it from side to side, does the whole mass move? If it was a head, you'd be able to decipher the neck moving slightly. A bum/hips will move as one solid mass. 

    Feeling little movements and flutters bellow your belly button could indicate a posterior presentation. That combined with the heart beat being found on the lower left quadrant leads me to believe that the baby is likely posterior and head down. You're just 31 weeks though, so you have a LOT of time left to get baby into an optimal position. Since this is your second baby, you may not engage for several weeks, or even just before/during labour. Try to continue with the spinning babies techniques and avoid leaning back a lot during the day. 

  • I don't know anything about this but I get bulge type feelings by my belly button. The doctor said based on her position it is most likely her spine pressed against me.
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  • Why do you even care to change baby's position so early? Leave to your OB, you can do harm to your baby
  • @EmmyMommy123 and @holocene thank you for your constructive comments. Since I'm only 31 weeks I am not worrying a lot, just trying to be proactive before she moves into her birthing position later on. I am thinking she's flipped but will probably continue the spinning babies to encourage her to stay that way (or move if she hasn't). Thank you for mentioning not to lean back a lot. That is definitely something I've been doing that I will stop ASAP.

    I appreciate your input!

  • If some simple exercises will work, I say there is no harm in being proactive! Good luck. I know my yoga instructor really encourages the cat/cow yoga type stretch for this.
  • I was always really bad at determining baby's position until this time around with #3. I read a really good step by step guide on how to determine baby's position and it has helped immensely. This is basically the same way your OB determines baby's position.

    Here it is:
  • It sounds completely idiotic, but whatever makes you happy
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    My lo has been head down this whole pregnancy. But he switches sides facing east then west. My mid wife suggested that at our next appt we look at spinning babies, if his position changes. I'm super sensitive to this since im a vbac. All want all the help I can get considering I have an anterior placenta. Sunny side up labor doesn't sound so sunny.
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    LIly436 said:

    It sounds completely idiotic, but whatever makes you happy

    No. Just no.

    Edit: tried and failed to gif

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    A highly respected and proven technique that applies the fundamental and most basic laws of gravity seems idiotic to you?

    I can't. 

  • @LIly436 I am really offended by your comment. I've noticed you tend to only make aggressive comments towards other posters on this community. I reported your post.
  • I have been doing the spinning babies techniques and going to chiropractor to no avail :( bub goes transverse sometimes but never spins the whole way. I just poke around until I find a part of the baby that feels noticibly harder- and I believe that is the head. If your bub is still breech it's usually easy to find the head- when mine flips to transverse- I usually struggle to find the head. Not sure if that helps.
  • LIly436 said:
    It sounds completely idiotic, but whatever makes you happy
    Was this necessary?  I find your comments to be condescending and idiotic, but whatever makes you happy.

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  • I brought this up to my midwife at my 30 week appointment. She said it's not useful to check for baby's position or even try to do anything to change it before 36 weeks. Her explanation was that until that point, they move around and change positions a lot. They may be head down one day, breech the next, and head back down again the day after. So, even if you do get baby "engaged," there's a good chance they are going to move themselves out of that position on their own.
  • I only know because my dr told me:

    I have a bulge on my right side under my ribs, his butt, he's laying on his side, head in my pelvis. I feel hiccups mid belly on my right and most kicks/punches are under my left rib cage and I swear sometimes I feel a hand about to come out of my vagina. It's odd.
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  • My DD kept flipping around up until 40 weeks. We'd schedule a C-section and the she would flip - they checked her twice a week until I was induced. During labor they tied rolled up towels to my sides to keep her from flipping into breach position during labor. With this little guy he was breach at my check yesterday and I could feel him flipping head down this morning and I'm 35 weeks. I'm thinking he's gonna play the same game my DD did.
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    Just. Stop.
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    Please stop scaring people. It's very common for babies to be born with cords around their neck, the doctors just unwrap then when being delivered. Also babies in utero don't breathe / don't get air from their trachea so having something wrapped around the neck doesn't suffocate them like it would suffocate you or I. I'm so disappointed in your comments. I'm so sorry for whatever is going on in your life that is causing you to be so upset. Please be kind and feel better.
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    I've reported LIly436.   This is far from her first inflammatory, rude or abusive comment, but suggesting that doing spinning babies exercises is abuse or could risk the life of your baby is WAY over the line. If anyone feels similarly, I'd suggest reporting her comment as well.  
  • Oh myyyyy I missed the action but it was probably for the best. I am having none of it today.
  • She obviously has no idea what the excersizes are!! I mean crawling in all fours? Yoga poses? Sitting on a yoga ball and swiveling your hips? Lmao... Not exactly dangerous.

    And as for having a version performed- there are risks- but that is why they perform it in a hospital, and wait till at least 37 weeks to do it. I've opted not to go through it, but if someone else was to chose it, I'd understand why. Kim k just had one succsesfullfy!

    And lastly- @ChrissyD1203 you are so right- ive been so paranoid about the chord being around her neck and I've googled it that much- no one needs. To hear uninformed opinions to scare the crap out of us further!
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