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Black out curtains...

I've been told by a lot of my friends that baby's need to be in complete darkness while sleeping in their nursery & I've had some tell me that it's better to have some light come through (meaning regular curtains). Where our baby boys room will be gets direct sunlight all morning so I don't know what's best. Have any of you decided to go with the black out curtains or second time moms have any recommendations? Thanks!

Re: Black out curtains...

  • I am personally going with regular curtains. In my opinion, if you set up the "perfect" sleep environment right out of the gate you're setting yourself up for failure! A friend of mine has her son's room perfectly dark, sound machine going, the works... and taking him to anyone's house or on a vacation is pretty rough because you won't find that everywhere.
  • I agree with PP, most people want their LO to be able to sleep/nap anywhere, which would be much harder if they had the 'perfect' environment at home. 

    That said, I don't know just how light/bright your LO will have it in the nursery or in his crib, so that's a judgement call for you. Maybe heavy curtains but not blackout? 
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  • All my kids had regular curtains until they were in a toddler bed then I switched to black out curtains. I don't know why, that's just what I did.
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  • We got black out curtains because they also are more energy efficient (allegedly). But our LO's room is in direct sun and it gets HOT if we don't have the curtains closed. And during the winter it gets really cold if they're open, so there's just no winning with all her windows :)
  • We have cellular blinds and blackout on the larger window that faces the sunrise, there is a smaller window by the crib that just has the cellular. LO will have to be up at 5am daily since I leave for work around 6 so the sun isn't much of an issue anyway. It's mostly for the heat/cold. We also insulated the windows with those shrink plastic kits. They help a ton on older windows. 
  • In newborn nurseries they don't use black out curtains. Usually there is always a light on. I get darkness helps facilitate sleep but a newborn sleeps whenever they want and wherever, regardless of how much light.
  • Happy Saturday and thanks for the advice ladies! I think I'll prob use the black out curtains where there will be direct sunlight and keep the other side with reg curtains. Since I have both (one behind the other) I'll use them as I need them like in the early mornings...
  • I bought what are called blackout curtains because I found them in our color at Ross for $20. But they don't really black out the room. They let in less light than the cheap blinds we also have in that window, but they do not make it completely dark. Maybe a darker color curtain would? I read reviews of some blackout curtains from Target and buyers said the same th in-- they still let in light. We're fine with that!
  • My mom made black out curtains for my son's room. My reasoning was simply that there is a street light right outside his window and my neighbor is in and out ALL day and night (literally like every 5-10 minutes) and backs his vehicle into the driveway, shining his headlights directly in my son's window.
  • We love our blackout curtains in my son's room! At his daycare center they don't have them and he sleeps great there too, so who knows. He has French doors in his room so it would be REALLY bright in there if we didn't have them. I know some people mentioned that you want them to be able to sleep anywhere, but as a generalization they are going to be sleeping in their own bed most nights. Might as well set it up for them to have the best night sleep they can :)
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