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My Story

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give everyone a little update on what has been going on with my
LO and I. So at my 20 week appointment I was diagnosed with Vasa Previa, you may or may not have heard of this, I never had until the doctors told me. I got admitted into the hospital at a little over 30 weeks because they want to
closely monitor me until she is born because if I were to go into labor at home or had any bleeding I wouldn't make it to the hospital
in time for them to save her, so if I have any compilations they want me here so they can do an immediate c section. I'll be 32 weeks on Monday and I have a c section scheduled for when I am 35 weeks, December 21st, so it looks like LO will be here before Christmas :)
It is horrible being in the hospital this long and I've only been here over a week, 23 days to go lol. If you guys have any ideas of things to keep me busy I would love to hear your ideas or if you just want to talk or anything! My family has brought me coloring books, knitting, puzzles, board games, anything they can think of to help me not go crazy in here but it's hard, especially when every nurse and Doctor is coming in saying "wow I would go crazy being here this long" but I know it's the safest place for my LO.

I'm a little worried that she will be a month early but the doctors said hopefully she won't have to stay longer than a week in the NICU if she even does at all. She is super healthy right now and so am I and I know that's all that matters and hopefully the time will go by fast and she'll be here before we know it :)

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  • You got this! Hang in there! Keeping you and baby in my thoughts! :)
  • Sorry to hear you're going through all this...I was gonna also suggest adult coloring books, it takes my mind off baby things when I feel overwhelmed :) also if you like arts and crafts maybe make something for your little one for the nursery. I just bought wood letters from Michaels and a board that I'm going to paint and hang above my baby boys crib! Hope everything goes smooth for you from here on out!
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  • Hey there! I am not quite in the same boat as you-- I did spent 1 week on hospital bed rest, but the rest has been at home. It has been 9 weeks of bed rest though, so I think I have learned the ins and outs pretty well (not something I really wanted to learn LOL). Here is a list of things I do that have helped pass the time:

    1. Planning/doing any DIY projects that can be done laying down for the baby's nursery
    2. Shopping for deals on last minute baby items
    3. Participating in the forums on (forum for ladies on bed rest)
    4. If you have internet access from your hospital room, find a new series on netfllix and watch at least a few episodes a day
    5. Look up quick fix recipes that will be helpful after baby is born and save them on your phone/computer/write them in a notebook for access later
    6. Keep a "journal" or timeline of sorts of your pregnancy. I am not sure if your condition requires frequent testing/ultrasounds, but mine does, and I write a brief snippet of each appointment along with the date to keep a little pregnancy timeline to look back on later. You might think you would rather forget most of these things, especially when they are scary and complicated, but one day you'll either be able to reflect on it or share your story with others.
    7. Along those same lines, if you have had frequent ultrasounds, make a scrapbook or photo album of them all so one day you can look back on baby's growth in utero
    8. Research and book a newborn photog if you plan on doing those.
    9. Research pediatricians if you haven't already and see if your choice could meet with you while you're in the hospital.
    10. As silly as it sounds, now is also a good time to do little picky bodily grooming/self care things that you might not have as much time for with a newborn. Do a facial mask a couple times a week, try out some cool manicure on yourself, try a new hairstyle and makeup look, etc.

    Good luck momma!
  • All of the above, plus if you have a tablet you can get library books on them. Now has been a great time to catch up on my reading.
  • I did Rosetta Stone while on bed rest last pregnancy, when I was bored with reading and TV.

    Also, one of my twins broke her water at 35 weeks exactly and the girls were born the next day. They are 100% fine. They spent 3 days in the NICU but came home after that and, while small, were always healthy. They caught up developmentally by about 6 months and now are ahead on milestones at 19 months.

    I'm telling you all of this so you don't have to worry about having a 35 weeker. The early days with a preemie can be tough but 35 weeks isn't all that early and, even now, you're far enough along that your baby would most likely be completely fine if born today. My biggest piece of advice is to get a lactation consultant if you plan to breastfeed. Little babies have little mean mouths. ;) (but it's doable. I nursed my babies until this pregnancy made it too hard)
  • Thank you! This is all really helpful!
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