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Nausea again third trinester

Hello. I'm 33+3 weeks and get occasional nausea through out the day again. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they know the reason why?

Re: Nausea again third trinester

  • Yup. I told my doc I'm back in the first trimester. She prescribed me something to help with it and the heartburn. Haven't picked it up yet from the pharmacy. I never did have the "honeymoon second trimester" like I hear people say they have though. I've been sick to my stomach throughout. Occasionally having breaks in it.
  • Mine has started again. I was okay for most of the second trimester but now it's back 3-4 days a week.
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    I've been getting nauseous in the shower if I've eaten right before hand.  Which... is weird, I suppose?  And I'll have nausea occasionally while eating certain foods, but it passes quickly and hasn't been bad enough to warrant a call to the OB.  (Yet.)
  • Morning sickness can definitely make an appearance at any point of pregnancy. Unless you think the nausea is from being ill, it's probably just a result of pregnancy hormones. Sorry you don't feel well!
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  • Almost as bad as first trimester for me again. Countdown is on...
  • I've gotten some mild nausea in the third trimester with all my babies. Nothing like the first but if I go too long between meals I get some nausea
  • Now I am almost 32weeks pregnant,still sick when I brush my teeth!:(
  • I'm nauseaous a bit as well, I have started taking my diclectin again to get through the day, except it doesn't help that much. but if i don't take it I'm sick as anything
  • I've had morning sickness the whole time I've been pregnant. I'm now 34 weeks. It's been miserable. My doctor prescribed me some zofran but I ran out so I have to see if he'll call me in some more, I try not to take it everyday but it's hard not to because I'm so sick everyday.
  • Probably not the same thing but I feel like
    I'm always sick at least once a week now from food poisoning/sensitive stomach. It's ridiculous and I'm so done.
  • Yep- I'm vomiting again. Struggling to keep much down including fluids- putting a call in to my doctor today.
  • So just thought I'd add this- I'm being monitored for preeclampsia, apparently vomiting is a symptom, I was not aware of that. (my blood pressure is slightly above average and greatly increased from my first tri) so if you are feeling quite unwell it's always good to run it past for Doctor. Although they said morning sickness often comes back in Third tri. Do don't get to alarmed- just something to consider.
  • It's extremely difficult being so sick & having a baby bump. I've been vomiting every day since 7 weeks. It's been miserable. I'm 33 weeks and still vomiting & my baby is very small due to hyperemesis. Hope you start feeling better again soon, it's very hard! X
  • Yep. Almost just threw up at work. It came back with a vengeance!
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