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So I've noticed a lot on some of the threads I've read people talking about all the things their partners do to irritate them. I've gotta say though, my husband is pretty amazing. He works 530am and doesn't get home until amazing most 7pm most days. I work standard 830 am to 5pm. I feel so guilty complaining about how tired I am, but he never gets annoyed. He's supportive, thoughtful amazing most mn I couldn't make it thru this without him. Anyone else have amazing partners???

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  • My DH is normally awesome but he feels like I'm milking the ms by asking him to bring me food and drinks upstairs when I'm puking. Normally I'd gush over him but that's been making me mad lately. Every other day he's the best!
  • Mine has been amazing. He shares a lot of the house chores. He gets home from work and studies 3 hours nightly for the CPA but still gives DS a bath every other night and goes out of his way to make the first few hours of his arrival home all about the family.
    Love him!
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  • Mine drives me absolutely crazy, but he's the greatest man I know! He's been doing more around the house, and is so understanding when I can't eat, don't feel like keeping certain plans, or go to bed at a ridiculous hour. He's so supportive. I'm very grateful to have him by my side through this. I hit the jackpot! 
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  • @shannonrnbsn. Congrats on the baby!! So exciting when you get a long awaited pregnancy!
  • @Atlast111 Thank you! It was a very welcome surprise!!!
  • I think a lot of men have a hard time understanding what we are going through.

    My DH has been a godsend. He's done all the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. He'll make me food whenever and also has done research to give me the foods I need most during pregnancy. He fills my himidifier every night and takes care of the litter box.

    I feel bad he's been so busy with everything and make sure to constantly thank him. He tells me not to worry about it and that I'm doing more work than he ever could by growing our baby.

    He keeps telling me how he'd be so freaked to give birth and is so glad he's not a woman. I think part of him being a superman is because he's so relieved he doesn't have to be pregnant and he feels bad for me. I'll take it though. I'm more functional now and I've started taking on my usual responsibilities, but I really needed the help and support in the beginning.
  • My husband has been great, there's been a few times where he's driven me crazy (thank you pregnancy hormones) but I am so lucky to have him! He works harder than anyone I know. He has his full time job and then heads over to our land where he has been working nights and weekends to build our dream home :) seeing the progress on it is so exciting!!
  • Agreed. My husband deserves an award for how much slack he's picked up. We both work full time, demanding jobs, and while I was certainly doing way more than my fair share of the household duties before, he's doing EVERYTHING now. 
  • Yes this thread is great!! My DH has been great with letting me pick anything that sounds good and helping around the house. Unfortunately he sprained his ankle pretty bad a week ago so I've had to try and pick up some of the slack. Luckily I haven't been really sick in the last week so it's been okay.
  • My husband has always been pretty amazing and supportive. After our last was born, he rearranged his work schedule so he could get an extra day off with the kids and eliminate a day they'd have to be away from one of us. He's a very hands on dad and would pretty much go out of his way to do whatever he could to make my life easier. I could gush on him all day long, but I am pretty appreciative of his help and willingness to be an equal partner in this crazy marriage! :wink:

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  • I love this thread- hooray for great partners!  My husband is always amazing, pregnant or not, so I'm doubly grateful.
    This is my second pregnancy in 8 months and he's been great- it's been hard for both of us, but he really has held us together.

    On a more daily scale he makes me lunch before I leave for work, and cooks dinner after coming home at night (even though I get home first!), cleans up after dinner and generally takes care of me, and lets me rest.

    I feel horribly guilty for the lack of sex I know he's missing, but he's taking it in stride as best he can.  I've been nauseous, bloated, I've had 3 head colds- one with a fever, two horribly stiff necks.... the poor guy can't catch a break!  I'm very grateful for his patitence and love!
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  • My H has been great with being excited about the baby and being very patient.  He recently made my birthday very special too, which was nice.  My hormones are all over the place and honestly the smallest things can set me off into either a crying fit or a rage.  H has been great dealing with it well and not getting confused/angry/upset.  He also fully admits that both he and our 120 pound dog are like difficult children I have to take care of.  Just him acknowledging that and that it is an effort to make them both feel special and taken care of with the day-to-day stuff when I'm feeling "meh" makes me feel better when I want to smack him (H that is, not the dog).  ;)  

    Also, H has been great with the doctor visits.  Yesterday I was feeling terrible due to this infection and he took me to the doctor, made sure I was being taken care of and volunteered to go yell at someone when we had to wait for forever...he is a good man all around and I'm really excited to see him grow into becoming a father (he's already a great fur-dad).  He has really picked up the slack with our dog too, taking over the night walking by himself since its cold out.  I appreciate that a lot and should tell him more.

  • I can't say enough wonderful things about my DH, even before we got pregnant, he has always gone out of his way to do anything he can to make me happy or make my life easier. We both work very hard outside the home, and split household chores, but he has 100% picked up the slack of my tired/nauseous self the last month or so. He food shops, cooks dinner, and cleans up every night... he stocks up on anything that I need for this pregnancy, insists I rest, and is so excited to tell everyone our news (once he's allowed!). Seeing him in this light makes me know even more so what a wonderful dad he is going to be (and already is) to our little one. 
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  • My hubby is amazing.  I'm so lucky to have him helping me out.  We have two cats and he's been taking over litter duty full time since we started ttc- and there are 2 of them- so its super gross.  I've also been diagnosed with Previa and put on pelvic rest- so my dr doesn't want me lifting anything heavy.  I'm also scared to use some of the normal cleaning products- so I will clear and he goes over it with bleach or other products (none of the ingredients in cleaning supplies sounds like I should be breathing it normally let alone now).  He's the world's best cuddler.  

    And even though he is doing all of this for me- 3/4 of the time I still want to smoother him in his sleep.  He'll say something - joking around usually and game over.  I want to hang out together and watch a TV show or movie or something- but after 10 minutes I just don't want him touching me anymore.  I was doing laundry the other day and just mumbling to myself about how much I hated him- which clearly I don't (I do hate his socks and underwear though- i don't know how there are always so many more of them than there are of mine).  

    So yeah I get both sides- I love him and he's the best- BUT I hate him sometimes.  I think it's completely normal- and really who else can we complain about out SO about where everyone else is full of raging hormonal hatred so will completely understand?  If I mumble to myself or b!tch on here - I'm usually able to better handle the mountain of socks or his breathing on me.  And I'm very hopeful that once the hormones calm down during the 2rd tri I'll stop hating him (but I may always hate his socks- just sayin).
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  • Great thread!

    My husband is wonderful!  Last night, after working late he came home and started cleaning.  That was great!  The fight he picked with me afterwards was not so great.  He called me today to apologize.

    Great guy!  Great husband!  Awesome father!

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  • I can't wait to see my husband as a father. He is so kind & loving. Just seeing how he is with our puppy is adorable!! I melt :)
  • I have been pretty sick the last couple of weeks and  H has really stepped up. He took my one year old all day yesterday, cooked me meals and bathed the baby last night so I had nothing to do but relax. Today when I woke up he had the house cleaned. Kinda love him more than words right now. 

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  • We are so lucky to brag about our hubbies!  Mine has been equally awesome.  Running out to the store at a moment's notice for my latest craving.  Doing all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and shopping.  Taking care of the dogs.  AND making sure I have everything I need at all times, whether it's a glass of ice water, cozy socks, my prenatal vitamin, a blanket, whatever!  I know this pregnancy is going to be long but I am really enjoying this special attention - it's making life a lot more pleasant.  (He was good before, but this is great!)  The only problem is that I'm horny all the time and he is totally exhausted from doing 150% of the chores.  Ha! 
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  • I'm with you! My hubby is amazing! He is so helpful around the house when he knows I don't feel good. He's also picked up overtime and a part time job for extra money when the baby comes. I don't know if it's the hormones, but I definitely feel more in love with him now than ever before.
  • I got in bed at 7pm the other night and my husband wandered in with a chocolate chip cookie for me. Just the smallest things make me feel so loved. <3
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