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acid reflux

what over the counter products do you use for acid reflux? i have been using 150mg of Zantac which does not work as well as I would like. tums works for a few minutes, but I don't know what else to try!! can I take 300mg of Zantac at once? help!! I am dying here

Re: acid reflux

  • I've been using Zantac during the day and I've been using 2 teaspoons of Gaviscon off and on when it's really wonders for getting some rest at night!
  • Ask your ob. Mine just suggested I try Zantac and if it didn't work she would prescribe me something.
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  • I take Zantac 150 2x a day and gaviscon tablets whenever I feel the need (usually in the middle of the night)
  • I've been eating tums when it gets bad but taking Pepcid has helped keep it away for the most part.
  • Chewable Gaviscon works better than Tums or Rolaids. I have to take it on top of my daily med.
    It is gross going down, but it removes the acid, and then you just have burps that eventually fade.
  • Prilosec is awesome. Prevacid is suppose to be great too. It's a class safer than Prilosec but I'm allergic to it so I'm on Prilosec. Call your ob because there are lots of options that are more long term than zantac.
  • tums for me. I've got a prescription one but I find it doesn't work as well or quickly.

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    For a more natural route, I've been taking magnesium. It helps with several things AND soothes my acid reflux almost immediately. I drink it before bed time. It clears constipation, swelling, it's great for depression and anxiety, relaxes your muscles, makes you more entergeric during the day, and helps you sleep at night. I swear by the stuff. The kind I use mixes into my water

    Edit to add it also helps prevent osteoporosis and is AWESOME for heart health. It's amazing.
  • It is killing me too. This is probably not good but I take Zantac and tums, dosage much greater than the bottles say. But I feel like my throat is going to have a hole in it by the time this pregnancy is over, it burns so bad. I'll have to ask my doctor about it at my next visit because it has been getting worse, preventing me from sleeping.
  • You need be sure you are taking it daily and not just when you get heartburn. I was on an OTC but my OB is now giving me a script.
  • Pantoprazole has saved me this pregnancy!! It's a proton pump inhibitor. Next class up from Zantac, you can take 300mg of Zantac a day, either both at night or 150'mg in am and again in pm.
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