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Marriage counseling in Fayetteville area?

A friend of mine lives in Fayetteville, NC. She and her DH are having some issues and have been to counseling but feel like they are getting no where. She doesn't want to ask around or post on FB bc her DH doesn't want anyone to know they're in counseling.

It seems the main issues are DH's attachment to his parents and communication b/w both of them. (Nothing too major-no affair, no abuse, no crazy spending, etc). She has often said she wishes her counselor would tell her what to say and how to say it and tell her DH that the way he's talking to her is not ok. Now they have stopped seeing their counselor and she's worried about trying a new one that won't be a right fit, either.

My DH and I had a great counselor years ago who gave great tips on communication. Within two sessions, things were nearly 100% better b/w us!!! However, that was in a different state or else I would recommend him to friend.

Does anyone have any experience with a counselor in the Fayetteville/Hope Mills area who did great with helping you and your partner with how to communicate?

Re: Marriage counseling in Fayetteville area?

  • Hello!  Pearlie Hodges of Life Matters Counseling Center has been helpful for my DH and I.  She is in Hope Mills, NC.

    We don't have communication issues per se.  We both come from alcoholic families -- I grew up in an abusive home and I am estranged from my family; my DH's family is WAY overly involved in our personal affairs -- so Pearlie has helped us define and create our boundaries, and has helped us focus on each other.  

    She's very religious.  We aren't.  It's not a problem; just be aware that all the counseling centers here have a Christian slant.

    Best of luck to your friend!  Tell her to look me up if she needs someone to vent to.  I'm looking for girlfriends in the area now that I'm a SAHM.
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