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Chiropractor recommendation - Tampa bay - Sarasota area?

Hi all,
I'm 37 weeks and was adjusted by a Webster certified chiropractor in Lakewood ranch.   Prior to going I occasionally had some minor sciatic pain but was relatively pain free otherwise.  She used a torque tool to adjust the left side of my sacrum and loosened the left round ligament.  By the day after she adjusted me, I had severe pain in my lower back.  By day 3, I could hardly walk!  Its now day 5 and I can still hardly walk.  To make matters worse, prior to seeing her my baby was very low and her head was in my pelvis.  Now my baby is up by my rib!  I'm so upset.  I want very badly to have a vaginal delivery and this is very important time for me to be walking to help my baby engage.   

I don't know what to do….find another chiropractor to try to fix it?  Will more adjustments just further injure the area?  I'm wondering if this woman actually MISaligned my pelvis and uterus and my baby is not going to engage and my pain will not subside unless it is fixed.  

Can anyone recommend a very good and honest chiropractor in the Tampa bay/Sarasota area?   
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