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  • I want to go home and sleep today away. I can no longer lift things that I used to be able to and everyone can just suck it up. I'm too tired to deal with much today.
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  • I have been awake for about an hour, but I haven't gotten out of bed because I don't want to have to be the one to take the dogs outside. Sorry, DH. I just can't bend over to pick up poop these days.
  • So it's day one and I went to bed last night without putting out the elf on the shelf. DS1 woke up running around looking for it and DH had to distract him while I hid the elf.
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
  • I have the day off and had a giant list of errands to do today, but I am seriously considering going back to bed out of depression.  I only have four weeks of paychecks left before I'm on maternity leave (I don't have a choice in it being so early, sadly) and this is the time where, of course, we get a nearly $400 vet bill for my cat's recent illness and my husband's car decides to break down spectacularly (over $1000.)  We were on target to get to at least $7000 of my $7500 maternity leave goal next week, but now that's out the window and I think I'm just going to have to accept we'll have $6000 for maternity leave instead of $7500, and we'll just have to be frugal and make it work.  

    It's not the end of the world, but in my hormonal state I just want to cover my head with blankets and try to sleep.  I volunteered to work this week even though everyone else had 9 full days off because I thought it would help us get to that maternity leave goal and now it's not going to happen.  

    It doesn't help that I didn't sleep worth a damn last night and woke up sore all over my body for some reason. That's probably impacting how emotional this is making me.  So anyway, f my errands, I'm going to sleep.

    (PS - I'm sorry this post is so relentlessly whiny.)
  • @maureenmce I can relate!
    I quit my job in October, I haven't had a pay check since mid October or somewhere in there. I was fine with it until now... I cry almost daily, I can see that I'm getting depressed over it. But, I can't go back to work because baby I'm almost 35 weeks and there's just no point to go back to have to leave.
    I'm lucky my SO makes good money, but I am struggling with that fact that I don't have my own money anymore.

    My FFFC-
    I decided to go Black Thursday shopping last night. Saved $15 on a pack n play.. I tried putting it together and I have up. Babies r us can take that $15 I saved an shove it up their ass. My body is sore, good thing I decided to do it now than wait until after baby is born.
    Good grief!
  • I'm tired of getting "advice" from people. At thanksgiving my SIL kept saying "Get ready because now you will have to start memorizing dinosaure names and buying trucks and Thomas the train. You'll have to get used to that stuff." What is there to "get ready" for or "get used to". He will like what he likes kind of like a girl will like what she likes. Why is a boy apparently something to "get ready" for but a girl isn't? We will encourage our son to like all things. Not be pigeonholed into only "boy" things. We will take him to the zoo and science center and plays and whatever else he shows an interest in. Stop trying to act like "boy things" are something to dread. In fact, we were so excited for a boy because I really dislike princess stuff. I would have LOVED a girl. I love my nieces to pieces and we buy them all the princess dresses they want from the Disney store. But we were not the slightest bit disappointed when we opened the card and it said boy. And I don't get why people act like I should be disappointed or I won't be able to handle a boy just because he has a penis. He's my son, he is the most precious thing in the world to me. How he pees means nothing to me!
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